Aug 14, 2007

the cell experiment 1

this is my first experiment using raw materials to generate electricity..

well..first we pour some venegar (which contains Asetic acid) into a paper cup,

then add plenty of salt..

add some warm water..

finally..connect the cell with copper wire..and of course the nail(zinc)as the negative terminal..then it's done eh?

*addition of orange juice is recommended..

*believe it or not,the voltage produced can actually give meeteck a shock haha...

(well,at that time we don't have a, we use meeteck as guinea a HUMAN METER wahaha)

1 comment:

美德 said...

Hey.. that thing really gave me a electric shock u all know... then my brain gave out a reading of the voltage, it's around 110V... haha, jz joke... But if u all still dnt believe that thing can give out a high electricity, do try it... But dnt blame me if u get shock!!!

This is my video link, hv a look n i'll try to update it:

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