Aug 12, 2007

chemical car experiment 1


well a quick school now after short,meaningful discussion for chemical car,as for my part of job--electric cell..

after a nice(but late) roti plata for breakfast..we--me and meeteck two little inventor started to move on!!our mission is to create a cell,precisely chemical cell which changes chemical energy to electric energy..

well i could not say it's a success,since due to the lack of insturment,we couldn't really ''test'' our experiment,no result gained,but only experiment..but we did capture a video on the first experiment..which i might upload here soon..

kk i could not say we sacrifice enough for the chemical car contest,but..making a home made cell with minimum internal resistance is not an easy job,so we quit the idea to join the'' amazing hunt"..kk..that's about it,will move to the next station later..

waiting waiho here at the web,he's going with us,to a place named sunway pyramid haha..kk the web is closing cya.

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