Aug 24, 2007

dad rox!!


wow,i had a wonderful weekend,my dad came to kl and we had a really good time,eating thai food,thai steamboat,staying over night with my dad at hotel,then shopping shopping and shopping,and i took the chance to practice driving oso:)

*not only kl we travelled that day,time and time past by,we drive along the highway,from north to south,to the direction of JB,but obviously that's not our destination(ofcourse i do miss there,and people there,but time doesn't allow me to do that,unleast some one can pause the time for me--crap),
we spend most time on the wheels,travelling around the states,subang,PJ,nilai,seremban etc..
really enjoy it,although it's not as interesting as it has to be,but still i treasure the time,the time for me..and my dad only:)
it's great:P

weihao who is now studying at TARC ,came on saturday oso,stay over night with me(=.=..feel dull to mention it..but erhem two guys in one single room,o'comon..)

tomorrow we got no physics 'll have two periods of physics class..woohoo..what a give:)

*one negative thing about the weekend is,i missed my primary school gathering(which some of the photos you can find it on chee huan's blog^^),which was held in JB,so i couldn't go,feel sorry,but eagerly looking for the next gathering^^

do eat lotsa food oso,manhathan fish market,simple chinese dishes,baker's stuff,thai food,ton yam..etc etc etc..kk attach some videos here..enjoy

NOTE:the highlighted word is the additional stuff i added into the post ,after the day it's posted^^

"fish burning" at MFM

rubbish truck shows patriotism

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