Sep 17, 2007


well today i went to redbox at plaza pelangi..there and meet some friends and had lotsa fun..well we all have a good time..and er..our voice are sweet..hehe here are some videos adn pics..not rated pg18..but i hope you'll like it..

er pls note that,loo has definitely no idea that i was taking the video..he was blur at the moment..thinking of someone i supposed:P..and if u are trying hard and still haven't figured out what the song title's the clue--it's in the movie--''secret by jay chou" lol happy guessing..

in the end loo still don't noe i took the video haizzz..haha

pls don't spread this ur self and save them and save me!!:P--loo is gonna kill me..hi loo how are u??hehe..sorry la for entertainment..u don mind yea??

the bestest rock singer among us..let us welcome..our ah teo from korea...clap clap's cool hehe*lol hope i'm still safe when walking on the street the city of crimes..everything...can happen..*don't kill me k..hanleyXD

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