Sep 2, 2007

lame things about pc (pg18)

*note i wrote this just for fun,take it as a load of crap,or better don't read it in the first place,it might affect your thoughts about me...coz it's lame:P..
*based on friends' request:P

here we go..

1.i choose to enclose the lame thing about me in the internet,that's definitely lame..

2.always laugh before the jokes start( i laugh when i think it's funny,nothing else ok=.=")

3.i am a human,but i think humans are weird,eg--i'm the founder of "humans are weird(HAW)",and trying to spread the idea..

*HAW--entry requirement:accept the truth that humans are weird,and ofcourse,lame people only..

4.i love astronomy,but i don't know what's that??

5.i know love and peace is important,but i don't know why???!!!

6.i am not the person who i am now,bcz it keeps changing..

7.people loves me when i hate them(this is not true..)

8.sometimes i dream of numbers,i don't know why is that,but i think it's a nightmare.. memory is definitely not reliable..if compare to a 2Gigabytes pendrive..i think my memory worth not even 1 byte..=.=" normal is lame..

kk that's about it,feel guilty when writting it..

and i wanna tag stephen hawking,although i know he 'll not be reading these(lame!!!!)

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