Sep 29, 2007

friday fun

wahaha updates,here's some videos i took during yesterday
s outing with my mee teck,waihoe and shan..

woowoo..i planned to go ice-skating at sunway pyramid of course..but shan immediately voiced out his objection..he said he'd rather go for a movie..which is what we ended doing,we watched--''chuck and larry''(due to karim's recommendation)--honestly i was abit reluctant since i wanted to watch 'lust...??'directedby lee ang the broke back mountain guy..but in the end the movie was not bad..very lame..just suit me...but still,i had a lame feeling..
okay~~although it's not by lee ang,but it's still a gay show's all about gay..hmmm and i watch it with waihoe..i have a bad feeling about this...(hoe don't think too much yea hehe)

o ya btw after movie we went for bowling,(good game shan!!) and after that shan had his palm reading in a fortune telling machine..and the result made him exclaim with joy...
his results:


happy happy^^

notice that there's some sort of gravitaional pull on the left hand side of the bowling lane..haha


yvonne said... guys sure had fun. :)

Bon said...

lol lame la..take vid when bowling-ing..

Teckho said...

Yup, i think next time we shouldnt tat that lane again... lol...

Bon said...

o btw meeteck's posture is very ''chun''haha..

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