Oct 12, 2007


okay,last friday we,me,kahwoon,enkiat,whay chiat,meeteck and waihoe went to 'red box'at sunway pyramid..go red box for what?i don't maybe..

hmmm maybe you wonder how's the voice of the pm16's boys??can a pre-doctor actually sing??can a full-time student actually sing well??did the knowledge we gain during physics class--superposition of the waves,actually help us in producing a good combination of a constructive waves??

well no comment..check out urself..

the masked man--the super hero that looks like a fly..-.-'"

beutiful girl...haha i gonna pay for this..

you're beutiful..~~it's true..haha

anyway it's a great day..thanks guys..

off-the record--seriously since that day i found out someone among us can really sing quite well,like kahwoon's 'bad day' is an example,he can reach a 'womenly' high pitch..clapclapclap...

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