Oct 4, 2007

mamalian heart

okay today we had a dissection's violent+crazy+cruel+bloody+FUN haha coz our class is all like over-excited about the mamalian heart,and i saw some evil girls trying to tear the heart into the smallest possible pieces they can..

compare to that boys are much more gentle..they only seperate the part acording the text book,eg..vena cava,artery pulmonary,atrioventricular valves etc..

i'll share some videos adn photos(there's a heart in the end!!beware) here so that you can see what actually happen in our bio lab..haha..have fun


2.Ms.Charmaine and Aabhi

1.the biggest heart in our class

2.Jasmine,Yiying(class rep),Teeni,Kath and Julia




karim demo-ing how a mamalian heart should look like...

random video around the bio-lab..

pls note that geehang used a glove to make a balloon..when sook fui saw it..she said:''wow who ever made this must have a good lung"well good joke haha

and now,my lab coat got to wash it..

1 comment:

JuLJuL said...

haha!! it was so much fun.. i wish we could do it all over again! =D

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