Oct 26, 2007

superstition (pm16 made)

*the director--enkiat

okay basically this is done by my class mates..

they did it for our LAN subject presentation...the title..superstition..which in the clip you'll see several 'pantang larang' you cannot do or you'll see something not belongs to our space..

the 'ghost'..yes.. it's a 'horror short clip''s not horror at all..but still due to some reason's rated those who are under with your parents..those who are it when you are alone..or with your gf/bf..haha

this is kinda sweet...enjoy it..


Angel Ho Yun Ying said...

lol..the video is so lame...i laugh and laugh and laugh cos it's

Teddy said...

aiyaa, angel can c
i cant even load the thing..

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