Nov 29, 2008

video-calling ley + last day at subang

related to the post :"Bon showing off his student id" at Hanley's blog:D
haha just got back from intensive computer gaming and "pool-ing"..

and had a kinda long chat with my neighbour meeteck downstairs..
talked about old-times at college:P

i finally found time to online on 4:30am..
ya it's late..
Hanley from manchester video called me..
Note:it's around 9pm there~
some photos taken "online"

ley showing me his "space" magazine

ley show me his room


yeah~! i saw ley after so long..

first thing i remember to show ley was "sinchew" newspaper lol he surely missed that..
and i did show him my room ofcourse..and in return he show me his..
not bad not bad haha
he said his room is more messy,but i think it's the other way round.

tmr morning my family will be coming to meet me,and i'll ne staying KL for the last night b4 i depart for JB..
so cya friends and teachers..
cu when i cu~
i'll remember u guys :D

*lol~chiat said this b4 the last A2 paper,i'll keep a copy of this lol~

Nov 23, 2008

soft rock :)

1st and 2nd are a7x songs,the last one is Bon Jovi's song(i know it's long,but give it a try,Jon is a great vocalist~)!

dear god:

seize the day:

bed of roses:

Nov 21, 2008


come to college and check my printing quota,see whether i can print another comic book like chiat said or i can print another reference book like derek said haha..
this is wat i found..
two blogs..
two different authors..
same time..
same title haha


i found out my printing quota only RM1.60 left..

that means i can only print a mini booklet in the end

Nov 20, 2008

i'm still here in subang till next week~!

haha there was once i tot after A2 my adrenaline will be high enough to drive me crazy.
even if Obama is calling me now i can chat with him for atleast an hour.
about everything,about US future about politics,although i have no knowledge in politics..

lol luckily he din call..bcs my adrenaline had faded away soon after the paper was finnished.

haha one should not be too happy about something that's over,
one should realise u r living in the present not the past

kk..congratz to all my friends that took A2,pm16,tar college inti college eveyone should be kinda relieve now phewww yeah hahaa

2. i keep my promise not to being too high after my exam bcz form 6 is still having their stpm LOL~*anyway if u r taking stpm u shudn't be reading this now haha go back to your studies..

i think i can only celebrate with them on 3rd of Dec which is the last day of stpm and which is also my b'day
*0* haha
is that a good thing?

ok,i have packed my stuff just now to my dad's car,now he is on his way back to JB.
i last minute decided to stay at subang.
so will only go back to JB next week,probably sunday.
-*specially reserve this period for my friends here..*-

play play..sleep eat...

STPM student,gambateh for your remaining papers~!!

*blog created in a CC opposite taylor'college

Nov 17, 2008



意志力始终可以控制人,不管你当时是否还有知觉;先前下的决心就是你搏斗着的意志力。在我睡去之前,我就一直告诉自己要快点起来,于是我比预计得早被吵醒。就像是你告诉自己明天不能迟到一样,就会睡到一半被吓醒。原因也是另外一车的Madam Lam怎么都不愿意起来,就一直听到护士吼叫:Madam Lam, Madam Lam,不要睡了,开眼睛~~~那些护士的叫声真是毁坏了护士的温柔形象。于是,Madam Lam没醒,Miss Ding却被吵醒了。可见我真的不喜欢别人在我睡觉时打搅我。




life is a highway + clip of the distant planet

haha so..this is the last week i'll be staying here at subang lol or a better description would be i will be moving back to my hometown JB before december.
it should be somehthing to be glad about bcs it means i'm moving one step closer to my UNI life..but at the same time contra by the down feeling that i'm gonna miss eveerything about here..
it's like for a reason u get so excited,but at the same time the excited feeling is contra by another down feeling..
an analogy from physics would be..
imagine of a energy level graph,when electron got energy from a photon,it'll be excited to a higher energy level but soon after,loss energy by emitting EM radiation,and back to the ground level.
this feeling is W.E.I.R.D~
one should feel happy or sad when he/she is happy and sad at the same time
LOL rojak feeling ..
but i think i'll be happy hahahahaha bcs...
*choosing balmer series will give u an overall happy feeling,if u get what i'm trying to say XD
bcs energy will not drop to the ground level but instead n=2 level

probably have to stop here b4 some other lame stuff come out again..

pixel's movie cars-"life is a highway ":D

picture(s) of the distant planet ~*the one i talked about on the previous post :

Nov 14, 2008

ohh no where'd you go? and where am i going?

image captured of the new planet by NASA's astronomer
*ohh so they found a new planet..image *0*

P/S:tell me if u get irritated by this invisible ink thing XD
i'll do even just kidding..wahahaha

wooo wooo wooo wooo..
starting to get nervous..
my college life is gonna end soon..
officially at 20th NOV i'll be free from college, like the photoelectric effect, electron escape from a metal plate,free from college and going into UNI~~~
do i have enough preparation for that yet?
does the electron gain sufficient energy from light photons to go far?
or would it stop because the kinetic energy is not sufficient to overcome the resistance of the air..
what then..what if it stops?
what would i do during the study gap?
woooo wooo wooo
i starting to get nervous
*yea i's a damn lame post..
just trying to write something to entertain you and myself LOL

thanks for reading XDXD
cheers ^___^

Nov 13, 2008

time of your life (fits my blog titleXD)

enjoy "green day" version of *time of your life/good riddance*
Billie Joe (the vocalist) is a good live performer:)

the lyrics:

Another turning point;
a fork stuck in the road.
Time grabs you by the wrist;
directs you where to go.
So make the best of this test
and don't ask why.
It's not a question
but a lesson learned in time.

It's something unpredictable
but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

So take the photographs
and still frames in your mind.
Hang it on a shelf
In good health and good time.
Tattoos of memories
and dead skin on trial.
For what it's worth,
it was worth all the while.
It's something unpredictable
but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.
(music break)
It's something unpredictable
but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

It's something unpredictable
but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

Nov 12, 2008

chem4 report (A2)

oh so u've managed to read this :P
i always wanted to do this but don't know when is appropriate haha
law of relativity:

when you travel with speed near the speed of light,time will slow down;when you travel with speed of light,time will stop~!
*they used a 'light clock' to demonstrate this theory

partly right (or should i say i barely understand it),
today i was doing the chem paper with a speed faster than normal,(should have done that for physics too T__T.since i made a mistake,playing safe all the time and didn't have time to re-check my answers for that paper.)

so for today's chem paper,i finished the paper and got to recheck my answers~!yeah~!
so successfully, i slow down the time ~!hahahahaha

*btw Angelin was right,lotsa organic questions :) but hers is SG version and mine is Malaysia version
should had prepared more on organic >__<

3 more papers to go,i hope it'll be okay..then i'll be free and go back to JB and cele~
i mean celebrate with my friends after their STPM wahahahaha..
*yea i got to be sacarstic abit bcs last time due to i have to take ART extra paper for my SPM they got to celebrate earlier than me 3 days..and i still remember that hahahaha

kk but u noe i won't revenge..i'll keep as low profile as possible after my exam..kk GOOD LUCK ALL~!!

Nov 10, 2008





Nov 7, 2008

physics4 (A2 report)

huuuuuuu~~~ =.=||
sien sien sien~

super sienz..
* okay for those of my friens who took the paper and thought it was hard,you can continue reading..who those who don't think so you can read the below passage and start laughing at me~~
or just ignore my post since it brings no knowledge to anyone
but according to einstein:"imagination is more important than knowledge" so read and imagine what had happened to me or go back to study for your knowledge wahahahahhaa

physics 4..consider a big day of mine..phyisics is kinda important for my further studies or future job since it'd be physics related most if i fail to do well..means i fail to create a nice path for my future??
yea kinda like that..

so today i woke up early :D
Einstein said: "insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting different result"
so i don't want to be i woke up early this time hehehehehehe~~
why? bcs i'm afraid that i might be late to college like for math4 and chem 5~
*reason why i was late for chem 5 is bcs i can't find my "statement of entry" at that time,which is thte document you mut bring to proceed the exam hall..
i spent about 10 minutes in finding that which caused me to be late~~
ha no big deal for that coz in the end i got a signature from the CAL office and they let me take the exam* hehe no big deal for that..really

and today, i was early to exam will start at 9am sharp while i reached college at 7.10 am 0.o hehe..cannot be late this time..

thoughts about the paper:
when i saw CT scan this two words..i thought i can get a heart attack~~ohh nooooooo hahahaa
why din i study that?CT CT i have forgot about the application and the principple behind it..coz i left out the part during my revision..i don't know why i left out that part..but i know i'm probably regretting now T____T

ok apart from that freaking 7 marks i lost DIRECTLY..which i would rather be shot 7 times by an electron gun..(the impulse should be there since the velocity is high,and we know ft=mv-mu,ft=mv-0) there are several parts which i have less confidence about them..hehe

ok that's about physics 4

below is a clip of Einstein's quotes..although he has passed away,his spirit is still exist and his quotes is still 'alive' and they are interesting,so have a look when you have got some time :)
cheers^___^ thx for reading :D

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