Nov 12, 2008

chem4 report (A2)

oh so u've managed to read this :P
i always wanted to do this but don't know when is appropriate haha
law of relativity:

when you travel with speed near the speed of light,time will slow down;when you travel with speed of light,time will stop~!
*they used a 'light clock' to demonstrate this theory

partly right (or should i say i barely understand it),
today i was doing the chem paper with a speed faster than normal,(should have done that for physics too T__T.since i made a mistake,playing safe all the time and didn't have time to re-check my answers for that paper.)

so for today's chem paper,i finished the paper and got to recheck my answers~!yeah~!
so successfully, i slow down the time ~!hahahahaha

*btw Angelin was right,lotsa organic questions :) but hers is SG version and mine is Malaysia version
should had prepared more on organic >__<

3 more papers to go,i hope it'll be okay..then i'll be free and go back to JB and cele~
i mean celebrate with my friends after their STPM wahahahaha..
*yea i got to be sacarstic abit bcs last time due to i have to take ART extra paper for my SPM they got to celebrate earlier than me 3 days..and i still remember that hahahaha

kk but u noe i won't revenge..i'll keep as low profile as possible after my exam..kk GOOD LUCK ALL~!!


Teddy said...

hmm.. somebody sounds cocky... hehe...

ley said...

Celebrate wif me too! I'll be back on 20th dec... Come n fetch me la... Den we go sg gai gai... Haha!

Ji Eun said...

haha cool. i always wanted to do the invisible post thing too just that i never ended up trying it. ahahhaa.
3 more papers, wheeeee. and 2 after tomorrow. double wheeee!

- p c b o n - said...

haha not low profile enuf?
invisible ink wor~
feel better now?

lol yea u celebrate spm late with me,coz u took art too haha..*i still remember the shouting at the school parking lot which makes mary ng jump a little hahaha..
and she gave u the weird look as usual haha so funny~!
kk reach sg call me hahaha

haha ya invisible ink is cool..i tried it on some sentence on my older post b4 actually,but no one seems to realise that hahahaha...
ok whee wheee ahahaha

ley said...

wah... u still can rmb arr... haha! anyway, she is mary tan la... i'll do tat again when i go back... LOL!

Teddy said...

kinda obvious u kno... u think everybody dumb dumb ma? hahahahha


a little obvious that dis guy is a little forgetful hor.. hahaha...

- p c b o n - said...

but how did u find out the invisible ink thing?
i tot u all tot that was a blank post~

sorry i m not good at names lol..
mary ng is the programme director of CAL at our college..she went to ssi b4,if not mistaken we talked to her last time..u,me wei heng and jialer..
haha i still remember her look although i might forget her name..
and that can prove i m still not that "OLD" yet haha..

Teddy said...

When i saw white in color, i just highlight only lor...

coz sometimes i read blogs which the words n background contrast not very good... hehehe...

i wonder whether u will forget my english name too...since u said u r not good wif names..

- p c b o n - said...

not that forgetful least i can remember a few names of my primary school mates..or at least one chinese character of most of them~XD
but not sure about two years later..let's pray i don get alzheimer's or wat~
ur english name is harvard?
just kidding..howard_saw right

Teddy said...


i give up on u liao..


u reli dun rmbr..... u go copy that frm my email wan...


pcbon said...

why ur sigh so longggg??
if i really cannot remember your english name,the one should sigh is me la..
having poor memory is not something pleasant ok
cheers -______-|||

Teddy said...


u cant even type out my name...

u copied-paste from my email...

u say i can choose not to sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so long meh?


-pcbon- said...

ha ic..
that's why i say..
if i cant even remember your name,and need to copy and paste from ur email,then the one should sighhhhhh is me..hacing such poor memory..
but for your info..i typed that out by myself one..without making any reference..which means i remember ur email le..not good ka..hahahaha..

Teddy said...


hahah ok la ok la u win u win!! hahaha

rmbr my email better than nothing.. hahahhaa thanks so much for rmbring my email....

pcbon said...

lol u noe..
there's no winners in this game..ther's only losers and non-losers..
what i wan to say is ,i m the non-losers wahahahah

Teddy said...

so im the .... ahhhhhhh...

u come back come back!! i want beat u up!!! rawrrrrrr!!!!!

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