Nov 21, 2008


come to college and check my printing quota,see whether i can print another comic book like chiat said or i can print another reference book like derek said haha..
this is wat i found..
two blogs..
two different authors..
same time..
same title haha


i found out my printing quota only RM1.60 left..

that means i can only print a mini booklet in the end


ezra said...

Hahaha, really ngam. XD

Btw when you coming back to JB? Maybe after my exam can go find you . XD

-pcbon- said...

haha dude probably this coming sunday :D
when's your exam finnish?

ezra said...

6th D=, so sad T.T

- p c b o n - said...

haha ncie la nice la..
so i'm expecting u to be home that time la..
for how long huh ezra?

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