Nov 20, 2008

i'm still here in subang till next week~!

haha there was once i tot after A2 my adrenaline will be high enough to drive me crazy.
even if Obama is calling me now i can chat with him for atleast an hour.
about everything,about US future about politics,although i have no knowledge in politics..

lol luckily he din call..bcs my adrenaline had faded away soon after the paper was finnished.

haha one should not be too happy about something that's over,
one should realise u r living in the present not the past

kk..congratz to all my friends that took A2,pm16,tar college inti college eveyone should be kinda relieve now phewww yeah hahaa

2. i keep my promise not to being too high after my exam bcz form 6 is still having their stpm LOL~*anyway if u r taking stpm u shudn't be reading this now haha go back to your studies..

i think i can only celebrate with them on 3rd of Dec which is the last day of stpm and which is also my b'day
*0* haha
is that a good thing?

ok,i have packed my stuff just now to my dad's car,now he is on his way back to JB.
i last minute decided to stay at subang.
so will only go back to JB next week,probably sunday.
-*specially reserve this period for my friends here..*-

play play..sleep eat...

STPM student,gambateh for your remaining papers~!!

*blog created in a CC opposite taylor'college


Teddy said...


congratz on ur completion..
enjoy the completion ceremony too.. hehehe...

layyen said...

"play play sleep sleep eat eat".....<===你不只刺激了stpm的考生们....还有很多人~~~~~

- p c b o n - said...


or else what should i study sleep sleep eat eat?

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