Nov 17, 2008

life is a highway + clip of the distant planet

haha so..this is the last week i'll be staying here at subang lol or a better description would be i will be moving back to my hometown JB before december.
it should be somehthing to be glad about bcs it means i'm moving one step closer to my UNI life..but at the same time contra by the down feeling that i'm gonna miss eveerything about here..
it's like for a reason u get so excited,but at the same time the excited feeling is contra by another down feeling..
an analogy from physics would be..
imagine of a energy level graph,when electron got energy from a photon,it'll be excited to a higher energy level but soon after,loss energy by emitting EM radiation,and back to the ground level.
this feeling is W.E.I.R.D~
one should feel happy or sad when he/she is happy and sad at the same time
LOL rojak feeling ..
but i think i'll be happy hahahahaha bcs...
*choosing balmer series will give u an overall happy feeling,if u get what i'm trying to say XD
bcs energy will not drop to the ground level but instead n=2 level

probably have to stop here b4 some other lame stuff come out again..

pixel's movie cars-"life is a highway ":D

picture(s) of the distant planet ~*the one i talked about on the previous post :


Teddy said...

in that case, should any series where the electron is excited from a higher quantum number than 2 will always giv u a high feeling, aint that better ? hehehe

angelin said...

I feel the same too...
soooo sad to leave here, I think I will miss my hostel, my classmates and everyone...
but then I feel like going home at the same time!LOL

which uni to go?! decided edi?!haha

- p c b o n - said...

rare case ,teddy talked about quantum physics..stpm top student,physics also no problem one hor~
i choose balmer bcs it's within EM range ma so that i can see haha..if too high frequency like gama ray would be harmful to better avoid :S

ya's like yesterday was my first day to college..time fast =.=||
see which uni u going..then i follow la

Teddy said...


my physics damn lousy wan..
but yea, dont go too high..
any excitation above principal quantum number of 8 will generally be unretrivable, hence cant go back to ground state.. that means high til crazy liao.. hehehe

angelin said...

Waaaa...u really want to follow me?! dun make the wrong choice ya!LOL :)))
If can, I will go NUS where else to go..hahaha

Teddy said...


NTU lor
SIM lor
SMU lor..

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