Nov 14, 2008

ohh no where'd you go? and where am i going?

image captured of the new planet by NASA's astronomer
*ohh so they found a new planet..image *0*

P/S:tell me if u get irritated by this invisible ink thing XD
i'll do even just kidding..wahahaha

wooo wooo wooo wooo..
starting to get nervous..
my college life is gonna end soon..
officially at 20th NOV i'll be free from college, like the photoelectric effect, electron escape from a metal plate,free from college and going into UNI~~~
do i have enough preparation for that yet?
does the electron gain sufficient energy from light photons to go far?
or would it stop because the kinetic energy is not sufficient to overcome the resistance of the air..
what then..what if it stops?
what would i do during the study gap?
woooo wooo wooo
i starting to get nervous
*yea i's a damn lame post..
just trying to write something to entertain you and myself LOL

thanks for reading XDXD
cheers ^___^


angelin said...

Hehe!! me too!!!
I got excited about the life after exam too!! but then, I will feel super sien!!hahaha
I will be working in sg while waiting for uni, u want to join me?!wahaha

btw, I added the comment thingy in my blog suit u and layyen!hahaha:)))

pcbon said...

yeah~!! haha
i like to spam people's comment box XD
ehh sing dollar easier to earn isit lol why stay at SG after exam..come back JB la..more feeling of home hahaha

Ji Eun said...

haha i'm just doing the invisible ink thing ONCE. after that it gets annoying laaaaa, LOL. use visible ink use visible ink!

pcbon said...

ya right ya right..
i m afraid of people thinking i'm spaming my blog with blank post le
i'll use WHITE ink next time hahahaha

yvonne* said...

invisible ink IS annoying la.haha.
especially when it becomes a horrendous blue when you highlight

yea,it is quite sien having to leave college edi.time really flies eh?

btw,only you can relate normal life to physics relations.last time was brownian motion,this time work function.haha.salute you

-pcbon- said...

haha yvonne u saw that too huh~brownian motion LOL..
i don noe..maybe in my mind now is only science that make sense..everyday test also about science..morning physics,afternoon physics,evening night also physics..
so how can i write something that is not about physics haha..
it's like business student will always talk about money and investment, same principle
thx for coming

angelin said...

hmmm...I see how first ba...coz my uncle and mum want me to work in sg!hahaha
I will go home of course!! so long never go back edi...miss home!hahaha
Jiayou for last paper ya!!:)))

- p c b o n - said...

ya you too..

yvonne* said...

of course i read the brownian motion. XD
by not commenting it doesnt mean i don read.hehe.

but anyways,physics will be a huge part of your life so start practising eating physics,breathing physics,sleeping physics.haha.
for me,i'm glad physics will be out of my life for good.teehee.

p/s : and i do agree on the energy level analogy in your post above.haha.good one!cuz i guess it's the same in my case too.grins.

ezra said...

Hahaha, I still have one year of my poly. Oh well, time flies. Christmas break we go do something bah! =D

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