Nov 7, 2008

physics4 (A2 report)

huuuuuuu~~~ =.=||
sien sien sien~

super sienz..
* okay for those of my friens who took the paper and thought it was hard,you can continue reading..who those who don't think so you can read the below passage and start laughing at me~~
or just ignore my post since it brings no knowledge to anyone
but according to einstein:"imagination is more important than knowledge" so read and imagine what had happened to me or go back to study for your knowledge wahahahahhaa

physics 4..consider a big day of mine..phyisics is kinda important for my further studies or future job since it'd be physics related most if i fail to do well..means i fail to create a nice path for my future??
yea kinda like that..

so today i woke up early :D
Einstein said: "insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting different result"
so i don't want to be i woke up early this time hehehehehehe~~
why? bcs i'm afraid that i might be late to college like for math4 and chem 5~
*reason why i was late for chem 5 is bcs i can't find my "statement of entry" at that time,which is thte document you mut bring to proceed the exam hall..
i spent about 10 minutes in finding that which caused me to be late~~
ha no big deal for that coz in the end i got a signature from the CAL office and they let me take the exam* hehe no big deal for that..really

and today, i was early to exam will start at 9am sharp while i reached college at 7.10 am 0.o hehe..cannot be late this time..

thoughts about the paper:
when i saw CT scan this two words..i thought i can get a heart attack~~ohh nooooooo hahahaa
why din i study that?CT CT i have forgot about the application and the principple behind it..coz i left out the part during my revision..i don't know why i left out that part..but i know i'm probably regretting now T____T

ok apart from that freaking 7 marks i lost DIRECTLY..which i would rather be shot 7 times by an electron gun..(the impulse should be there since the velocity is high,and we know ft=mv-mu,ft=mv-0) there are several parts which i have less confidence about them..hehe

ok that's about physics 4

below is a clip of Einstein's quotes..although he has passed away,his spirit is still exist and his quotes is still 'alive' and they are interesting,so have a look when you have got some time :)
cheers^___^ thx for reading :D


angelin said...

Hi 5!!! I screwed my A-level too...probably worse than u.hahaha
Bio was soooo hard that I only know how to do 2 qns out of the whole paper...hahaha

- p c b o n - said...

hahahaha..for other subject i can take it not seriously la but for physics haha i don't know how to describe and i cant imagine..
wow your bio shud be seriously tough..u also donnoe how to do~~

Teddy said...


7 marks only.. dont worry la... just wait for the results to come out then u kno how lor...

i wont be too worried if i were u... just concentrate on remaining papers... take care..

btw, if u do still forget where u put ur statement of entry, just go to the college on time, get the copy from the exam secretary/approval letter for exam.. dun waste time la... ok... they shud hav told u about this ady... the more u find it, the more u get anxious n that would affect ur mood during exam..

best of luck...

Angel~Yun Ying said...

I have just finished my exam!!!I did not go all that well but I think I will pass...

How many more papers to go for you?

Don't worry too much about the physics paper. The most important thing is to stay focus at the task on hand ^^

- p c b o n - said...

kk thx tedd tedd..will try to score for the remaining papers..sometime i just feel bad when u r so close to achieve something but yet u r so far away by certain reason..haha..
nvm good luck for your working life

congratz congratz..looking for u to come back to jb~heard from mom that u got a T-shirt for me haha thx a lot~!!
if that was supposed to be a secret sorry too bad :P
thanks ya

Angel~Yun Ying said...

seems like I did not tell/aunt forgot that that was supposed to be a

take care and see you soon!!!!!!!

- p c b o n - said...

haha heard that also u r going to new zealand for holiday? is that true~!
too good too good hahahahahha
enjoy yourself

Angel~Yun Ying said...

have not planned yet cos we need to find a house for next year....hopefully can go! today got exam de-brief! I shall get my fingers crossed for that ^^

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