Nov 23, 2008

soft rock :)

1st and 2nd are a7x songs,the last one is Bon Jovi's song(i know it's long,but give it a try,Jon is a great vocalist~)!

dear god:

seize the day:

bed of roses:


- p c b o n - said...

why no comment
T__T these are my favourite songs T__T

Teddy said...

u want comment, fine, i give u comment...

song 1:
anyway, u immune mar... missed u oso useless, so listen for wat..

song 2:
its about the singer losing someone he loves, misses her presence.. same as the 1st...

song 3:
lay on a bed of roses? who is the special girl u wana lay on a bed of roses at nite? hmm... interesting question... wats the answer?

- p c b o n - said...

thx for your opinion:D

for the interesting question,we'll just skip that la ok haha
the important part is the song :P
and u r not focusing on that :D

Anonymous said...

ok lor, u win AGAIN!!


Happy Bdae...

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