Nov 29, 2008

video-calling ley + last day at subang

related to the post :"Bon showing off his student id" at Hanley's blog:D
haha just got back from intensive computer gaming and "pool-ing"..

and had a kinda long chat with my neighbour meeteck downstairs..
talked about old-times at college:P

i finally found time to online on 4:30am..
ya it's late..
Hanley from manchester video called me..
Note:it's around 9pm there~
some photos taken "online"

ley showing me his "space" magazine

ley show me his room


yeah~! i saw ley after so long..

first thing i remember to show ley was "sinchew" newspaper lol he surely missed that..
and i did show him my room ofcourse..and in return he show me his..
not bad not bad haha
he said his room is more messy,but i think it's the other way round.

tmr morning my family will be coming to meet me,and i'll ne staying KL for the last night b4 i depart for JB..
so cya friends and teachers..
cu when i cu~
i'll remember u guys :D

*lol~chiat said this b4 the last A2 paper,i'll keep a copy of this lol~


wjleong said...

muacks muacks muacks~~

Teddy said...

Why chiat wana commit suicide? plz tell honey-chiat dun commit suicide, i will missed him wan...

-pcbon- said...

miss malaysia leh~
when come back~!!?

lol people die only u miss one ar?

Teddy said...


hehe.. u r starting to buli me again... i din mean dat.. i missed him ady... missed u even more! freakingly more!!! like crazy type punya more!!!!!!!

I MISSED MY BONBON!!!!!!!!! Muacks muacks!!!

now, does that make u happy?



-pcbon- said...

lol donnoe haha,my cold blooded-ness kinda make me immune haha..
emotionally i'm stable lol

Teddy said...

ok lor, u win...

- p c b o n - said...

lol wat la u~~

Teddy said...

wat wat me?
u said u cold blooded mar.. meaning no feelings for me mar...
so u win lor.. 没话说咯,你赢咯。。。

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