Dec 16, 2008

1000words = talkative?

this song is from FFx-2,1000words:

"even if we are tore apart,our feeling will unite us" Lenne's thought about shuyin (the guy that looks like Yuna's lover----tidus,but not tidus,complicatedXD)

Lenne (someone hiding in Yuna's heart) and Yuna

Paine:"the things we want to say most are usually the hardest to say."
well from what i understand,1000words = words that Lenne wanted to tell Shuyin 1000 years ago,but for some reasons,she didn't.
And that's what makes yuna busy (*0*)
she needs to find shuyin,pass him Lenne's words.
which according to Paine:" i love you" ~~~(/*0*)/'s complicated~~

happy holiday guys~~


Leon-Resident Evil said...

y is the words which u wana say the most the hardest to say?

- p c b o n - said...

ha that one u shud ask Paine in personal:p

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