Dec 8, 2008

I fell in love~~

I fell in love with..

Final fantasy X-2

if u don't know what is FF X-2 click here for wiki help~!

Long time nvr played d,I finished the game once with only 53% completed during my last long holiday.

So this holiday I gonna play it again~!! Ya from the beginning, 0% XD

Hopefully I can get the mission 100% solved bcs if this happened,guess wat,as a reward I gonna earn a nice and happy ending scene,if not the ending is gonna be SAD~~no i don't want a sad ending~!no no no~~

My progress so far: 43% solved

My YUNA~!!:gunner-mastered,songstress,white mage

MY RIKKU~!!:thief,black mage,with a nice nice accessory which made me so happy

MY PAINNE: warrior-mastered,gun mage-with a very very nice accessory which decrease hp,mp and all defence but greatly increase attack,which suits paine character,don’t wanna talk too much,just KILL~!! basically my yuna will do the supportive job ( curing or cast protecting shell),my rikku will do the flim flam~!!and steal some useful stuff or even rare items~!! If u have “master thief”,and my paine do the attack~!! Charge~!

Now,if I gonna finnish the game in a short time,I gonna forget all the meetings and job as a private driver for my sis and mom ,but unfortunately I got to meet some friends later at terbau city mall~! nooooooo~~~

Uhh so forget about it..

Lol just kidding and u could just ignore the word “unfortunately” and the "noooooo"

And ya,I guess Final Fantasy is an essential part of my life ..hahaha

My kimari would have said this:

My Yuna is so polite~

My RIkku is so cheerful~

My Paine is so cool~

FF is nice,kimari likes it~

*blitz ball no more,but we have sphere break and lotsa mini games,although they can be really boring~*__*

thankeeeeeww sphhorr readhinnng~~~~see yew shoooon~~


Teddy said...

FF12..nvr play b4.. played ff7 onli

-pcbon- said...

haha note: not ff12 is ffx-2..tenth the second:)
ff7 ps1?

Teddy said...

ff7 ps2... so wat is ffx-2? ff 13 is ps3 onli rite?

-pcbon- said...

ffx-2 is a sequel of ff-x lo~
ff13 yea ps3~
i wanna re-play ff-x but my disc with friend now,and he at kl now~ haha so how u got ar?

Teddy said...

nope, i onli played one FF only, FF7, got the valentino guy nia..

-pcbon- said...

sohh sohh sohh~~
i want ff x~!!!!

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