Dec 17, 2008

My Yuna .live version ~~~~(/*0*)/

Jeanette Aw as Yue Niang

one thing about JB, we are near enough to receive SG's broadcasting signals~:)
Note:we use the same size of receiver,not that giant size or something")

you heard of the little nyonya
well a SG drama,that's it~
theme is about "orang peranakan aka nyonya" found in our country,mostly Melacca.
the trailer:

ha if asked to relate this drama to Final Fantasy X-2,what do you think?
hehe this is what i think,i'll let the picture do the talking:

*welcome back Ley~XD


Anonymous said...

dun understand dis post at all

ezra said...

Our dear Yuna definitely looks better =)

Anonymous said...

yuna not good at fighting, gets beaten easily in the movies.. hehe

分享sharing said...

小娘惹ma?haha...ou xuan similar with yuna(final fantasy)?1st time hear..but compare with it,70% similar...

- p c b o n - said...

Anonymous one>
i mean Yuna looks like ou xuan~don't u think so?:)

haha u think?

Anonymous two>
wat movie r u referring to?
yea Yuna is kinda weak,but useful in the sense that she can cast spells of protections :)
cast a "shell" on me (*0*) i wonder how does that feel~

ha i also think so~it's a live version of yuna in my opinion~

Anonymous said...

Final fantasy movie, she got her butt kicked so easily... Forgot which movie, got a few, right...

- p c b o n - said...

i tot there's only one,which is advent children,or i'm too outdated already..
x and x-2 i think the greedy producer just wanna earn extra,so they just edit the cut-scene in the game,making it into a 'compilation clip',let's put it that way :D

yvonne* said...

you're obsessed with both jeanette and yuna!!
sheesh. =P

eh,where're you going to study?

yvonne* said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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