Dec 11, 2008

wakka (HE's not wakakakaka)

“Everybody wants a happy ending , so they write their own happy ending.”modified from Final Fantasy,said by Wakka,Yuna’s ex-guardian~and also ex-blitz ball player,going to be a father soon:).

“if we die trying to save some memories,we losing them all.” Said Wakka.

“but, what if it’s a very important memory?”said Rikku.

“memories are nice,but that’s all they are,an Al Bhed saying yea.”Wakka.

“memories are just memories.”

Current standing: 45% done

Yuna:white mage-mastered-now she can cast "full life","esuna", "full cure"and "reflect" (what you might need for a enduring boss fight)

Rikku:thief (to be mastered)

Paine:gun mage (stuck at 86% for the reason unknown@#@#@)

And my Paine got a new dressphere ,which gave her a new job~!!!

A berserker ~!!!--fighting style: punching (a little like the job monk in the previous FF-series)

Angry job for my cool Paine~~

cheer up Leblanc, Nooj is not everything XD


Teddy said...

commented at "Here"

-pcbon- said...

we're gonna have a piracy issue for this~

Teddy said...

Ping Cheng

Piracy issue my FOOT!!!

c my middle finger pointing at u??

- p c b o n - said...

sir u r overacting sir~
pls calm down~

Teddy said...

Cheng Cheng

who said im overeacting..
Im not.. im damn calm!!

who say i no calm! har?! har?! who?!

layyen said...


Teddy said...



Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

- p c b o n - said...

unicorn?? what's that?

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