Mar 1, 2009



The pain of tears shed
For someone held dear
Pierces the earth, and drenches the land...
I want to end this sorrow!!


Sheng Loong said...

I really love Gundam Wing Endless Waltz. Nice song!

-pcbon- said...

yea two-mix is great~!ones,like me,don't need to have taste in music to like their music,simply great~ ("P)

ezra said...

Hehe, this old song again. ;D

Eh Bon btw you free? I'm on my holidays already maybe we can go do something. xD

If you free maybe I can recommend you more anime to watch this season. xD

-pcbon- said...

yo Ezra>
can't say free,coz i'm working now XD
but can be arranged la~like Thursday is my off day~

layyen said...

放心~~神是会站在你这边的 ;p 一切总有一个过渡期~~~~

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