Mar 25, 2009

My future plan~~

Listen to the song "melodies of life",i'm inspired to write something.
Yea something short, to be specific.
Why didn't i take more photos in my childhood? i asked myself.
If there must be a reason to regret in life, forgetting how yourself looked like in the childhood should really be in the list.
I mean if you ask a person to describe how he/she look like? he probably can answer you(even if he forgot,he can always refer back to a mirror)
what if the question goes this way

"can you describe how did you look like last time,maybe in your childhood?"
the answer you might get
"siao a why suddenly ask."
"i didn't change much actually, i look exactly like last time, except for the height."

Don't you think this kinda crap is unacceptable?

Maybe i should tell my children to take more photos next time XD
*yes finally i have a future plan ~ what an achivement.

thanks for reading. My future plan.


layyen said...

希望你的future plan听到……

-pcbon- said...


ezra said...

Eh Bon, actually last time my dad took a lot of photos of me and my brothers when I was younger. Too bad you don't have anything to compare leh, its quite fun to compare.

Maybe I'll take lots of pictures of my kids next time also. xD

- p c b o n - said...

nvm i still have my ic lol
btw share ur kids pics with me one day :)

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