Apr 17, 2009

happy b'dayss

on my dad's b'day~! if you look closely you can see my hand~~

some random dolls at Cs,my sis help me to take it while I was driving~

Ley, Loo, Le (supposed to be me~but i wanna make it 3 Ls:P)


it feels good to blog in English occasionally~

i had just merged my hotmail account with gmail acount~
so currently i'm using to blog~
yea~ if you would like to add it to your contact list~ just feel free to do so~ it won't hurt:D

Recently SoeMoe recommended me to use gtalk (beta)~a simple looking video call programme~easy to use,very user friendly~:D
he also asked me to use "vzo"- a lot of people can video-calling each other in a time~
you might wanna try that out too~ lol~

~it's just random~ @___@~

Oh and happy b'day to my sis~!!!!!!!!

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