Apr 28, 2009

ohh my ps360

Look closely, the blog's post body width has increased, specially do it to fit the wide screen youtube clip.hehe

well answer to my previous post, asking about what to buy~ obviously someone who hasn't financially independent like me facing dilemma when choosing a numbers of things that NEEDED to buy~
well since i said needed, xbox360 should not be considered at all :( but one day i'll get it~
one day i can play mgs4,ffxiii,sf4,sh5,gow4 and many more~

currently what i might do now is:

change a phone or get a new battery for my n73~
and a pair of sneakers lol

i didn't mention it last time because all the while i was using my dad's shoes~
whateva~ at least i'd simplified my problems from what i should buy, to what i needed now and what i will buy in the future~
hopefully a near future~
shee ya~~~

*thursday ielts speaking test should be the last test i'm having this year~~saturday outing should be fun and looking forward for chiat they all to come visit JB again in May hopefully :P

hold on a second, i have a new problem now, in the near future, should i get ps3 or xbox360??
is there a ps360? i hope there is..


Angel~Yun Ying said...

Good luck for your IELTS!!!! :)

Don't buy PS/XBox la, buy me a nice gift instead...LOL...just kidding :p

- p c b o n - said...

hey sis~! haha ok if i'm going to melbourne you are the first one i should go visit hehe~ shiing yew a shong maybe~ haha
u know we can always make a video calling appointment on that day~ i would love to shiing a nice-st b'day song for someone as important as you ~ ha
*unless i got sore throat or something~ >___< touch wood~

- p c b o n - said...

and thankyew for wishing me :P

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