Apr 25, 2009

should i buy?

should i buy? that's the question~
remember last time i enjoy watching "will it blend" in youtube..


love the tunes~lol

an example of that:

xbox360 gas~ don't breath this~

Back to the question: should i buy?
xbox360 is so tempting~but ps3 is more tempting~
but with the restricted amount of money i can only buy one~
if i buy will i be able to play it when i go study?
my handphone is spoilt~ i need a HP too~
an okay one will do but
if i buy hp they wont be enough money left for other items on my wish list~
so hwatt should i buy? that's the question~

mgo is so much different than cod4~ i mean in mgo if you stand stationary in one place for so long yet you will only get some damages, but if you do so in cod4 you will only end up dying in a few seconds ~ lol
no where to hide? there are a lot~!
still i would like to try MGO~!! desperately~

btw ietls was harwt~~haha i mean hard-th~
anyway hope my further studies progress go smoothly~

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