May 13, 2009

4 people in 3 places

2 more minutes to midnight ,hmm i still can blog in time~ yoohoo~ (minutes to midnight sounds so familiar, sounds like a music related stuff or band,anyway since i cant really remember it's should not be too not bad:p)

anyway this is not the first time i think i have lotsa things to buy~ my new items on my wish list : upgrade my com, make it cod4 (online) playable~ omg i hope australian play this game too~so at least we do share some thing in common

songs of the day:

compilation of the day:

quotes of the day ( from the book angels and demons):
"...the world is under the impression the Web is U.S technology."Kohler
"why not set the record straight?"Langdon
"a petty misconception over a petty technology.CERN is far greater than a global connection of computers.Our scientists produce miracle almost daily." Kohler

"not to disappoint you, sir, but i study religious symbology-- i'm an academic, not a priest." Langdon
"Of course. How simple of me.One does not need to have cancer to analyse its symptoms." Kohler

This column is ionic.
Physicist graffitti? Langdon mused...
(side notes about Robert Langdon: he is fear of closed space.

Notes of appreciation:

myself: although i might mix up the time of a event but i do my best not to forget an important event~
My dad: share his wise thoughts with me at the same time accept my unwise opinion, and corrects them always at the best timing~
sis.Angel: although she is at australia, her heart flies back occasionally to malaysia to concern about things happening here~

KKs: thanks for telling me about the small gathering~ and thanks for coming all the way to JB town to meet us~going to some place we all don't really know much about the place in September~ wow quite a brave decision~!
TZm: thanks to him we had dinner at 3 different locations, and thanks for treating me 2 sticks of sate lol (the two of them are extraordinarily delicious) good luck to him bcoz he is going to Canberra soon. well prepared, waiting to be triggered~ hunger for study life ~ lol
Lwen: hmm he looked more mature now, became a primary school teacher~ going to our neighbour country sg to pursue his studies~ i wonder why everyone is going to the same location? (execpt for the ks's case of course,what an exception, i always wanted to go US to pursue my astronomy, but not brave enough or no guts, what eva you say, this kinda remind me about a quote: no guts no glory (angels and demons)

Pgj: good luck to NUS , thanks for informing me about it

Louis: he introduced me someone called stevy~ some pro who is lucky enough to play cod4 online everyday, and the days he spent on the game had made him a pro now~ what a lucky guy~
anyway this is totally random:D

thanks for reading

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