May 9, 2009


happy vesak days~~
wow if yesterday was rated 'busy day' today is the double of it~
having sore throut~ then just now still eat lotsa fried food in cousin's wedding party~and then tmr second round :)

song of the day:

the lyrics is so true~ but that applies to my dad too~ so 听爸爸的话too~!
my mom asked me to sing this song often~~! lol ( gonna 听her话 so i go hafal the lyrics~ next time rap when chiong K~! lol)

event of the day:
Today is my cousin's Yingying's wedding~ Today is harry vesak~ i went to mettalounge to take part in the celebrations~

quotes of the day:
live long and prosper~!
*alien gesture*

Notes of appreciation:

myself: walking step by step towards taking over of dad's responsibilities~!
dad: my role model of the day~
mom: i cant take over her responsibilities,but i can be her helper~lol and in return she be my advisor ~

monks from Sri Lanka:thanks for the blessing~ and helping me to tie the colourful fine rope on my right hand~(saw it on the poster that when 男信徒跪拜时,脚是立起来的 and 女信徒则是脚心向上的~)

魏家祥先生: introduced me with the term 'sagu、sagu、sagu', (heard it from another lady that it means 善哉善哉善哉)

cc.B@cs: told me where's the location of public phone since i forgot to bring my HP with me~it's always near the toilet isn't it~

GuanHua: looking out of the cab's front window~ i saw him crossing the road(towards jalan wong a fook~ he is selling second hand shirt there,the when i talked about it to a cab driver, the one that critisise new route from jb-sg is a failure, he said he will never buy a second hand shirt,claiming that we some people~ luckily he attended my sis's b'day party~ or else i will never ever recognise him again~ coz with his fashionable hair style covering her face and eyes~impossible to be recognised~

大姑:还是那样没有变到 ,arigatou for getting me the liong tou fu~
二姑+姑丈+盈盈: thanks for inviting to the wedding party
xiaoBon: gave me a lot of IQ questions ~ a real good partner for passing time~

Violin.G: cute:p although the violin not as pro as my taylor's mates last time~but still pro~!

Derek: because star trek is really nice~! (spoilers:first they dig a hole in a planet using the digger~ then they put it a droplet of 'red matter' which then create a super-massive artificial black hole which then destroyed the whole planet in blinking eyes time~ the idea itself is so great~ need not the mention physics behind the 'red matter'~and i think you don't have to know a lot in physics to enjoy this movie to the fullness ,they used simple terms like star date, star feet~ black hole~ red matter~ etc~ and it's just fun to see the spaceship teleporting with speed of light~

CS: planned to get me involve in her 横刀夺爱's operation lol (she said she was joking about this, but the intention is there already~so most probably it will happen~ if i'm going to help lol)

thanks for reading~

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