May 10, 2009


yo today was not that busy~half the day i spent at tj mart (if you wonder where is that ,it's in Saling,if you wonder where saling is, it's near Kulai,if you wonder where kulai is,it's in Johor,around 45 minutes from Jb town~the other half i spent at my cousin's wedding party~at kulai~

sensitive question of the day:“几时轮到你?” (when's your turn?)
best answer to that: " live long and prosper." with alien sign

song of the day:

this is the song i asked my mom to learn~since she like singing so much~i think this is just suitable for her~

prize of the day: mom's 最佳口才奖 *clap clap clap clap clap*(although she didn't get the best prize of the day but still she is my best mom,who cares about the prize you see:) )

w705: 970 at tj mart~
xbox360 with two ori controllers without hard disk: 1188 at tj mart~

let my mom tell you a story( i typed this while she is telling this story beside me),this is the story that she used in her 才艺项目,most of the audiences were touched when the story ended, and she sang 世上只有妈妈好after the story ended, wow it's just amazing:



有一个下午,妈妈到学校去接小华放学。小华的同学看见了妈妈,很好奇地问:”怡,怎么你的妈妈只有一只眼睛呢? 小华听了非常地尴尬。







notes of appreciation:

myself: although i'm tired i stayed half day at tj mart to support my mom and other contestants as well lol all moms were HAWT~~~XD
parents: thanks for giving me opportunity to attend this party :)
mom: thanks for sharing me the touching story, i can see it she was the few moms who shone with true lights~
sis: she was the true supporter too~! we are all belongs to the true side :P

MC: when she pointed at me and said :“让我们来欢迎那边那位帅哥上场” 时 i was shocked, the next second only i realised it was another uncle behind me, oh ceh~~he was the 头手from storm academy btw~Simon Chua? forgot d, probably not so VIP in my life~

Gameshop.B: kinda helpful, stopped playing psp when i asked him questions~this can be considered as extraordinarily helpful in some other places :P

yingying: thanks for inviting us to your wedding party, the food was nice~ haha i drank a little just now, and i told my sis i show symptoms like very eager to sing a song~ luckily there's still a small piece of coolness left in my heart ~so i was in controlled ~

ah ching sis: very nice~ long time never met her~ so i forgot her name d~ she kept telling me that i should have forgotten her name, and i admitted that~ but i doubt that she knows mine :P lol people's always like that, anyway generously shaked my hand~ cool~~

ah lee sis: her smile was sweet and warm ~ that means when she smile my body sensed both taste and temperature change~ lol

xiangyun: helped mom to 插歌~he sang before mom did~ when he sang the chorus : 爱你一万年,我好的鸡皮疙瘩掉满地~ not bad not bad~her gf already stunt there speechless~hehe good thing good thing~

yanyan sis: got info from her that the latest besta dictionary worth rm1600~ i told her also my old besta was spoilt~ when asked about why~ i told her that ants attacked the mother board and caused it to stop working~ that's what the girl at plaza pelangi told me~ i have lotsa ???? too ~ but she told me better to change a new one coz repairment fees of rm400 is too much~so rather buy a new one~maybe the old one can trade in then~

other than that i also saw so many xiao BonS:
in the Bons family i'm ranked the 2nd, the first is xiang then me then quan,my sis,then qiang,then qian..
all of us attended today~thanks for that~ hehe

CS: she said she don't read boring blog but she corrected my sadu sadu sadu to saddhu saddhu saddhu~so you know who is reading la~ and this is not a boring blog ofcourse lol~so obviously i don't have to fight for that, and since she likes to read nice blog, i cant stop her from doing that so ,right? hehehe

thanks for reading~


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