May 7, 2009

broken phone~

wow i hope i'm consistent enough to get this 'appreciation thingy' updated daily~ i take it as my homework~ lol~ anyway there's one missing appreciation yesterday, maybe i'll combine it with today's appreciation so i don't waste ink and paper ~ lol

dad had been lying on the bed since this morning~ got sick~ hope he will get well soon~

secret of the day:
take all the initial letter of the quotes of this blog and you will form F.E.E.L~ it's lame but original lol~

thoughts of the day:
if human fists are deadly then what about guns and canons?
(how many people really feel the pain of humans war? will it ever stop?)
inspired by ong bak2 (the way they make the fighting scene is just great~! and the actress is cute too haha but not the ending~not cute at all ~lol)

song of the day:


quotes of the day:
"so how's life in subang?~upgrade d wor~ got car le wor~"
"aiya i don't drive far one"
" sounds like an adult d"
"aren't we adults d?"
"not yet lor~lol"
"still quite childish sometimes"
and ladies and gentlemen this is Mr.D's reply:
"ppl tend to get more childish when ur older"

Notes of Apprection for two days:

wow wow me: i constantly supprised by how i acted on things~ it's always different~ anyway thanks for my stamina that allow me to do everything from morning to night~from night to morning haha~

parents: although the time we spend together is not much~(actually need not to say they should be on the list every time i update this thingy, simply cant thank them enough)~mom's cooking simple but nice hehe~ dad's job sounds simple but needs experience (what i don't have currently)~

Mr.X: he is really humble ( i wonder all taiwanese are like that) ~ and giving me enough chance to learn~ treated me like his own son ~stand on my side everytime when i get scolded by customers (lol i'm still not so used to some criticisms~ but i bear that in mind 'customers are always the boss" anyway it's good to be scolded~ it's like punching the sand bag to harden your fists) and educated me with his working experience~ "读书和做工是不一样的哦~" he keeps telling me that~i thought of course it's different~ it's like "水果和布丁是不一样的哦~" anyway i got what he meant~:P
i planned to buy him a book (about business) just now~ but i didn't bring my popular card~ too bad lol~ just kidding ~ will get it tomorrow morning then~ as a sign of appreciation~ since it's so hard to say out directly to him~

that day i immitated to be Mr.X in the kitchen:
Ah Jie was shouting !@#*%# for no reason there~then i walked in and said with taiwanese slang:" 那个阿杰,快过来~"
everyone laughed~
then i went out with satisfaction~ who knows Mr.X was using the washroom which was happened that it's situated beside the kitchen~ which means that he heard everything i said~
well i hoped i didn't say that~ but it's to late anyway~
" 谢谢你帮我站个停车位~不过我刚好要出去了"
"改次如果他这样说你,你就这样讲回他:“那你的客人时常占了我们的停车位又怎样~”~知道吗~ 那人的心胸怎么这么狭窄~"

Soemoe:i somehow thing he looks quite handsome to Myanmar people~ not that not handsome to local people~ looks abit different~ bright eyes~ and he is a lively but not overly childish kinda guy~anyway thanks for teaching me some useful knowlege about martial aarts, also some Myanmar langguage ~ bluetoothed me a myanmar song~ whereever he goes he bring laugher~ after all we ,as local people learn to appreciate myanmar jokes too~ lol this is a compliment so don't take it the "racist way"~ make me a lot of nice drinks to taste~ and i still think the bubble milk tea is the best~!

Elai: my greates helper at work place~ more like a brother to me~ chinese from myanmar i guess~ having hard time in communicating with local people but i feel his friendlyness~ anyway he is not the man who full of craps but a man of action~

Mr.A: i guess he has good news for me ( about basic math) , but too bad my HP is out of service~anyway thanks~ haha

Ms.E: thanks for sharing e songs with me~
Ms.Ng: taught be how to describe a person's appearance as well as personality~ and thanks for telling me caucasian don't like 大男人主义~

thanks for reading~:)


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