May 16, 2009

cod4? am i for real?

yes i'm, i did send my computer for reformatting and upgrading it if necessary base on the minimum requirement of its standard of : is cod4 a game that is accepted and performable in a smooth and nice way:D ohh wateva, as soon as it's cod who cares it's which version, i might go for cod2 if needed (since i cant bring my pc EVERYWHERE for obvious reason,which is it's too big and bulky,and my laptop only capable for cod2)

songs of the day:

click here:)

quote( linking park--new devine)

Give me reason
To fill this hole
Connect the space between
Let it fill up to reach the truth and lies
Across this new divide

events of the day:
cs- polishing my english pp-weihao got his nice haircut there,asad played with his psp,weiheng was late again:P leisure mall- angels (it comes before demons) and demons street-moving around hungry like eveything is eat-able mcdonald--eat and discuss (written some important notes in appreciations part)

notes of appreciation:

SF: she offered her help to look for accommodation for me, and would ask around her church friends ~

Kwai: got his new christian name today~ Samuel~! lol
Ms.N: today is teacher's day, it's her day of course,being extraordinarily funny (not quite like her in those usual days:P) and made my day
Asd: when he said he intend to buy a blackberries , i was reminded that i still haven't changed my HP~
How: got someone who can sell me w705 4gb for only 980 that's a more attractive price compare to cs's price lol
Heng: we share the same physics mind so who do you think i should watch angels and demons with? talking about compatibility 3 out of 4 of us today came from a physics background. i excalimed my strong feeling about being severely outdated my today's technology, dan brown wrote about this LHC (large hadron collider) about 10 years ago but today when they remade it in the movie only i got this piece of info..from now on, i don't believe what i'm seeing is the limit of the world's technology, one day i'll be the in a leading team of this catergory : technology ~!
Hao:inspiration of outing (well cant be denied: inspirations of outingsss too :P)

talking about careers,and their downgrades or upgrades name,i found brain storm in a group really works, in a perfect way:

upgrade of toilet cleaner:
"toilet bow polisher?"
"NO..cant be toilet bow"
"hygiene supervisor"
"environmental supervisor"
GOOD~ all

upgrade = information transfer engineer/human's soul engineer

downgrade of radio dj:
radio joker"
"audio wave transmitter"
"voice joker,coz they sounds like joker"
"voice jockey"
"audio wave crapper"

downgrade of clerk:
upgrade of clerk:
"fast typing machine"

downgrade of musician:
"sound instrumental engineer"
"piano bar pusher?"
"tadpole drawer"
"song player?"
"song maker?"
"noise maker"
LOL~ all

thanks for reading,yo~

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