May 1, 2009

labour day~

ha is it a good idea that i update more frequently about people or things that i thank them daily or few days one time?
maybe this is a way of 珍惜~
purpose of this is to keep a record of people i appreciate each day~ to 弥补my 记忆的碎片~
so that i have a better picture of people and what i've done so far~ hehe sounds fun? feel free to do it if you feel like~
anyway when i feel not like it i'll stop doing this act XD

thanks to myself for staying awake the whole day yet not feeling extremely tired~( i somehow feel that my stamina has gotten better now) zzzz
thanks to parents to give me place to stay lol~
thanks to my car for teman me whole day~
thanks to my boss i have to work on labour day ~!!

thanks to :Ah Leong,Kensen,Zhemin and Wei Heng had breakfast with me today. I said i wanna eat roti canai then everyone ended up having roti canai for bf lol~maybe they forgot they have rights to choose something else too XD

thanks to: Soemoe for treating me half cup of honeydew milk tea and thanks to Heiso for arm-wrestling with me, the end result was both our hands were not moving but the freezer under our elbows moved~! pro haha~since no winner this time tomorrow i gonna try again and make him the loser lol

thanks to: Cui Shan recommended me to buy SE g705 ap version, thanks for helping me to cut cost XD,but she said wanna teman makan when got commission but till now no news about that also XD

thanks to : Bryan and King teman me to have dinner at kim gary cs~Good luck to King, he is going to KL for study on Sunday;thanks to Bryan for teaching me how to use facebook ( update the "what are you doing column" every hour) =.= i don't think i'm capable of doing that, and noone should be reading what i'm doing now lol..

thanks to my 陈教练for teaching me 小罗汉 and tell me about the history of 小红花路线.

thanks for reading~


ezra said...

Eh you have to work yesterday?! How come?

Anyway, I went to Desaru yesterday, now all sunburnt already. xD

- p c b o n - said...

lol being exploited~!

oo go beach sure kena sunburn la and you swim for quite long right, in your blog u mentioned~ haha

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