May 2, 2009

A new Category ! (thanks)

i made a new category: "thanks" specially for my appreciation to my daily encounter~
again the purpose of doing this is to have a good flash back about my daily event and keep a record of it for future reference lol~
hope it last~!

song of the day:

i heard this song playing in "inner-city" city square, they always play this song XD

yo notes of thanks to:

myself for trying to concentrating in a lack of sleep condition, later i can have a good night sleep till tomorrow morning ~ sunday ish da besh~!!!
parents: for giving me a shelter so that i can live a comfortable life.
sis:sending me sinchew daily horoscope to me as guidelines of what's the dos and donts of the day.

Ms.N: she taught me about a variety of sports eg. skiing, karate, SCUBA diving,bungee jumping etc~ just the definition part :P
Ian: he laugh at my joke when i rephrased "take advantage of.." to "make full use of.." i just couldn't get it right,(supposed to be helping each other in a team as a combinations of different abilities)
Charlotte: she laughed too XD
Moon: she laughed too XD
SG: told me about how to get an iphone for "free" ( with maxis contract)
mph: i got a new book Priestess of the WHITE by Trudi Canavan ( the white is in capital letter because it represents the gods' most powerful servant in the book)
i set a goal for this (no matter what i have to finish this book first before getting the next one ) to eliminate my book-buying addictions ..

HJA1309: for telling me how sux ish da new route to singapore.he told me how hard it is as a taxi driver. they changed tyres two months once, each will cost RM130 now but used to be RM80 before, complaining this and that, long story and finally charged me RM7 taxi fees (from cs to plaza pelangi ) lol this is the most expensive time after so many times of travels from cs to pelangi, i should have told him that i'm not a S'porean at first~ :D

Mr.X: teaching me a few ways to observe customers behavior and how to take full care of them.
Mr.A: he gave me a warm smile when i was feeling not okay~
Mrs.X: the first thing to do when she reached the shop was to greet me~ lol
Hei: he is my motivation to build up my arm power/energy (wateva)
Smoe: he is my motivation to go learn some fighting techniques.
Elai: he responded to me quickly when i threw him a question suddenly.
Cf: he was talking too much i thought i could fall asleep half way ~ haiz kids~ btw he's also a ff7 lover and his DL speed once reached 317 kb/s hmm what an achievement~
Wj: he asked me constantly whether wanna a drink or during meal time asked me whether i wanna eat first.
G: let me try her g705 to capture some photos and of course told me that was SE g705
she suggested me to go SG to buy my HP for a cheaper price.

dad: for fetching me home

Cs: she helped me alot in choosing a HP, but she forgot the price for the g705 that i wanted, since her shop sell less SE phones, too bad she has to go ask her boss again tmr about e price
she told me there's no original g705 in Malaysia, only ap version (which is the not ori one)

mom:for being caring, she helped me to fix my mosquitoes net (which i should had fixed it myself) so big thanks to this~ she gave me a glass of water when i reached home just now ( i am sure this never be the first time but also never realized this before man what a useless son lol~) she concerned about my sleeping time just now :)

good luck to King for his studies
( Eh bon thanks man. I appreciate it alot...)

on the way back my dad asked me about whether i have bought a new battery for my HP:
"so have you bought the tayar d?"
"eh? you buy your rim d?"
businessman always talk about things they're sellin'

thanks for reading.

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