May 4, 2009

New Colleague

Notes of appreciation:
today was a wonderful day, people i wanna thanks:

song of the day:

it's from the japanese movie "okuribito"

quotes of the day:

'although our langguages are different, but our smile is the same~'

said by me when Mo-u demonstrated my laughing voice~he voice imitating perfection leaded me to have such conclusion~

while i was lying down and tried to get some rest , the sharp mouthed Mo-u said again using his very limited Malay vocab: " mati ar?"
i was like , lol? but i think good guy said more bad words than bad guys lol~
anyway my reply was
' in our life we sleep so many times, but we only die once~'

Soemoe laughed~

myself: being cheerful to make a wonderful day of course
dad: early in the morning he went to KL for business (business man for busy-ness) he will send my scholarship application along with my certs to the regarded company~
mom: cook me a nice breakfast and prepared lunch for me to my workplace. i didn't drive today so she sent me there too ~!

Fad: being understanding enough about my resignation~at the same time she felt sad about it lol~ i should thank that because that somehow made me feel like i'm important in some way~ lol~ her request for me to help her to take her photo with her "YAKULT" was not achieved though due to the busy period that everybody was so busy and then her "YAKULT" just went away~
explained to me what's the different between Jakarta and Yogyakarta( her hometown),she mentioned the 5th largest and Borobodour and drew a map for me so i roughly know that it's situated in Jawa Tengah and between Jakarta and Yogyakarta there are Bandung and a few more cities, roughly about 5 hours distance by car and 30 minutes by plane~

Heiso: the first thing we did was to arm-wrestle of course lol i was not the loser:P but i guess he will definitely ask for a rematch tommorrow~ that's the spirit i like lol~

Soemoe: after watching me and Heiso arm-wrest he requested a battle with me also, but today is just MY DAY too bad for that lol~while i was chatting with Elai and Soemoe, Ann rushed in an said :" 9B 买单~" then i said :" 9B买单啊,我不可以买单也~叫Fad买,这里只有她可以买"
for some reason, Elai and Soemoe burst into laughter~maybe some how i triggered their Myanmar laughing cell with a Myanmar joke without my realisation.he made me a small cup of '珍珠奶茶' hehe~

Ann: she is the new comer today, i hope this one will last lol~ from her way of doing work i think she will~ just that maybe the working hour should decrease abit~ feel bad for her too because today is her first day to work but unfortunately since she drove here and didn't put the coupon and being careless enough and didn't 'juling-juling' for the 'saman man(normally he will shout coupon-coupon then everybody will just obediently come out and show their coupon)' so she got a saman, yesh ha havent get paid already have to pay mpjb~

Mr.A: Happy went back to hometown already, so he is busy for this week~ i reminded him about my basic math thingy, he showed me a 6 beside his ear, and i said thankyeww for that~

Mrs.X: treated me a coffee bun~

Ah Jie: a reminder for me to beware of swine flu~
"malaysia 还没有人中啦~"
“但是新加坡人有来JB 吗~”
since then 我和他尽量保持一段距离哈哈~

Watson.G: being patient enough for my questions about other products she was not selling~and recommended one of her product which is the more 'high class' one~ i ended up buying nothing from her ~

Mr.J: while he was teaching he tried very hard to not fall asleep~in the end of the class i told him that i nearly fell asleep too~ he said :‘is like that, one person class is a little boring~’
mom laughed when i told her this~
~~~~~~~~~ next day ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Cs: asked about my further study~ and claimed that she has a good stamina~ she almost forgot that she still owed me a lunch, but instead she reminded me i owed her a lunch too~ lol oh ya i never told her that she owed me an ice-cream too (jot down) ~ and she will never know i owed her another coca cola drinks (pls keep the secret too) lol~

mom: went to Chishair and donated some clothes~ she bought some of their books there for a fair price, since the books are also donated by Perpustakaan Awam Johor~mom got me one book too~remember the commitment i made about not buying any books before i finnished the priestess of the white? lol anyway this should not be counted since i did not buy the book haha~ she bought be my fave' ham cha'~! so i'm going to have it now~ bb~


ezra said...

Farewell for your job? Life got alot of hellos and goodbyes one, hahahaha. xD

- p c b o n - said...


yea true everyone seems so busy~ this time outing is not like last time~long hours almost half the day~ but now it's more like breakfast/ lunch/ dinner then after that everyone go back to their workplace d lol
when come to you~ it's called study place~
btw when next time come back mush tell le~



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