May 20, 2009

new life starting soon~

yo what a day made, today is Wednesday, sui~yobi in japanese meaning the day of water :)
wow what i have done? really need to list them all out~ ?too bad i'm not gonna do that haha anyway as usual i would just list out people to thanks~

oya coming Saturday i'm going to KL,so if you happen to read this, don't pretend you didn't see yea lol

questions of the day, a painful one:
Is engineering what i really want?
i hope i know the answer soon, but who will answer me anyway? well guess only myself :D

song of the day:

have some laughs :D hahahaha

cheerful event of the day:
my pc was repaired, yes pc's pc was revived, no not my 'kinda slow mo ' vista laptop, is my pc that's capable of certain important things, like cod4 playable , i haven't tried, but talk about positive thinking it should be like that.

Notes of appreciation:
myself: for opening the eyes the whole day and close it when necessary
dad: email me somehting and made all of us laugh,yes all of us, and among that, his laughters are the loudest~ that made him the best medicine haha
sis.Angel: i saw your photos on facebook~ great~!! haha Toyota Corolla for months, so cool~!
w705: helping me to realise how suck was my n73,anyway not that suck actually :P when comes to camera n73 is actually better ( i think pm16's mates surely have doubts on this)..but true the quality of the photos is better despite that it's slow~slow but not steady kinda thing~

smart-i.B&G: for patiently reformat the corrupted systems and install a new anti-virus for my sick computers, yes not only humans, computers can be sick too,and i get sick when they get sick~haiz..

layyen: i could almost feel how eager you wanna blog, but just too bad, haha too bad (i'm letting out this sacarsm while pleasurely tapping my skillful fingers on the keyboard, not the one for keys of course , and not the one that produce beautiful musics,it's the one that replaced ink and paper:P( no point doing this actually,since she cant read this due to banning of this site in her location now)

License.G: i got my P-license off, so i'm P license free now ~ and guess what i renewed my license in not more than one minute (minus of the time to take photos), talking about efficiency, two thumbs up same goes to her cuteness, if that's the way to define cuteness. well guess not ~

SF: recommended me a new friend and might be a new thanks for tommorow.:)

well guess i won't type too long for some works to do~
thanks for reading.

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