May 3, 2009

skudai parade~~

notes of appreciations:

today is the special day for my mom, since it's the special day of hers it's also meant a lot to me :D she participated in the '最漂亮妈妈比赛‘in skudai parade, and i was the supporter along with dad and sis ~ lol it somehow reminded me of the old days ~ during that time half of our pm16 guys (my taylor's mates) went to support our 超人气的enkiat lol it was fun ~ SUFFORCATINGLY fun~ me and chiat gave up for the first time to leave the crowd ~ that's when XQ noticed me and sms that she saw me i guess~

song of the day :

well final fantasy again :P

From far and silent starry skies
Echoes a song full of life
Crossing a darkness of thousands of light years
It finally arrives at a single earth

Time is so long that
These tiny palms can barely hold it
At the end of a million-mile voyage
We can still run across smiling faces

~FF-main theme~

me: for being patience enough to see all the mama cat walking although it's quite boring but i saw the reason why people from other state claimed that JB girl very beautiful because they have beautiful moms mar lol

dad: treated me KFC and he is also a big fan of my mom~ when the DJ asked about is there anything important that my dad wanna to say to my mom all these years, this is his replied without hesitation :

" i love her ~ jia you jia you "

i felt so paiseh with such 肉麻-ness~

sis: she helped mom to make up and bought some accessories for mom for the final touch~

Derek: recommended me to watch star trek next week~ i have no idea what is it about but i heard mr Hari love it also, a hardcore fan maybe ,so i assume i'd like it too since we're all physics people~!
partime-kaka : they helped me to make up my bed and changed my bed sheet XD so my bed would look nicely made and neat and clean (only for today =.=)

Bryan: my motivation to do more updates

guard : open the door for us two times for today ( later another two times for me coz i'm out for wolwarine ~!!)

CS: she called and told me that she sell w705 for 1050 ( i asked at skudai stall for 1020 ), she said that would be okay also lol then also for her effort to go to another shop to ask the price for me since her shop didn't sell that model )

Waffer.G: cute :P
HP.G: asked me how old am i and gave her opinion about NS was tough

古早人:this is a restaurant, my sis met her classmate and her formal teacher (pn yang) and i met my ex-teacher~after they went off,sis met another ssi-ian again~the world is so small~imgaination is everything~why? because as far as you could imagine, IT happens~ IT can be everything~and so imagination is everything~:P

Mr.X : he didn't call me for work today :P

Mr.A : he promised me to asked something for me, something to do with basic math :p we watched "x-men origins:wolverine"~and he made up the joke of Cindy who i have no idea who she is~ but since this joke i got to take his word very carefully lol ~ motivation of mine to beware of humans beings~

layyen:her post 咖啡+豆浆 inspired me to add a new reaction ( love it~!)

hmm at least my dad gave me a good direction : talking about life , it's all about yourself~ :)
mom suggested to go "zhizhi island"after watching "wo men de xing chun" on astro,according to my dad that would be somewhere near "fu rong"
mom suggestion reminded me it has been quite some time since we (as in family) have not travelled together for quite some time.. some where in the near future i might be going off Malaysia,so the probablility of us going for a nice trip would decrease. luckily mom reminded me that, if i'm aware of that, as a man of action i gonna make that happen :)


*blog-ing flu is now a widely spread disease~! and it's internet-borne XD


sharing said...

So, u hav decide to study oversea lo?hmm...
good luck and have fun with ur family...sweet memory ^^

Angel~Yun Ying said...

how did aunt go???

your blog-ing flu sure is more contagious than swine flu...LOL

- p c b o n - said...

all results will be known on the coming saturday , since ielts is out that time :P if ietls says yes then most probably will go~

carpe diem~! haha
we sent them there yea~ sis suggested her to go one, now she is choosen to be in the final this saturday~ haha

sure it does:P

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