May 31, 2009

project 37 (12/20)

yesterday was a tiring day too.

laguna>dim sum shop>cs office tower> cs inner city>cs cinema

apologize: sorry that i cant make it to jusco terbau city. it's like i just missed an important discussion.

song of the day:

Notes of appreciation:
DD: thanks for everything he did for our new house.

Mei: making a daily routine plan for me,including stretching,and dietary plan.

Ms.N:thanks for all the jokes except for the one claiming that i'm a casanova=.=||.(hmm Malaysian huh) btw when asked how to pronounce engineer. i stressed too much on the first syllabus,she corrected me, should stress on the Gi syllabus instead.she said if not one must sound arrogant when stressing the En syllabus,but i made her believe that stressing the Gi syllybus can be arrogant too, in a very exagerating way :P
Ms.J: thanks for treating all the kit kats and drinks

B.L: my fashion supervisor+don't mind to watch terminator for the second time,although i was like: " are you sure?" " are you sure?" for 3 times, but his determination is set, he said terminator is worth for that.For Arnold's sake, yes it's worth that much.

Moon: shared the papers with me.inspiration to try your best every time at any time in your life.
Enrique: making weird sounds along with me.she is very clear that in life, most of the time we are not given the second chance, like what Marcus (terminator) said :"everybody deserves a second chance." dream on~~

Louis:as usual a hyper man + a little bit of workaholic.. don't mind lying down on the dirty carpet to take our photos.yes yesterday was a modeling session, or lesson either way,and the lesson is practice smiling often to prevent unwanted,disturbing expression which is disappointed to see.His body covered with sweat, and that's sexy :D hehe
Joe:another camera man, o Bouchard told me he is an english teacher too, that surprises me.
Md: tried hard to laugh, but not that successful ,still i laughed because of that

Michelle: inspiration of being talkative and serious at the same time~
Mr.Hari: inspiration to be passionate with burning fire in the heart but cool about physics~
David: thanks for giving info about Melbourne
Sf: thanks for helping me to look for accommodation
utopian: thanks for telling me more about engineering

thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

It is extremely easy to say what Marcus (terminator) said but it is a pity that many people fail to see the reality that in this world, many things do not happen twice. The situation is worsen when people choose to take things for granted.

sharing said...

nice song!enjoyable...
it's sound like just comes to the end of ur project37..cheers!

- p c b o n - said...

just as i thought.

i got ur cheers. thanks:)

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