May 24, 2009

project 37 (3/20)

well today is already 24th of May, anyone still think i can make it to the 18 posts left?
if you are the type of person that believes in miracle, this shouldn't be too hard to imagine.

i like poetic phrase, and i like poetic songs too~ huh song can be poetic too, maybe some may ask , there you go, copied the link from derek's blog (Derek must have fell in love with it with the blog title "dearly beloved..kingdom hearts):

song of the day:

when blogging becomes routine i start to think it's actually a waste of time:P
daily i take about 1 hour to blog, it's kinda like a process, from daily activities recalling, ideas generating,song searching with youtube's engine, to looking through friends blog to get some inspiration, 1 hour is actually fair enough but meaningless (depends on how you look at it), that's why: a waste of time when you can do something else better, like playing cod4?(ok this is the worst i could thought of,but you get the idea) :)

events of the days:
being absent for few days+ my poor memory, do you think i still can recall that far?
ha general ideas:
jb-kl > friends' meeting > tests> kl>jb

notes of appreciations:
DD: thanks for the long lectures~:D (although i don't quite like long lectures but his is an exception)

Derek: i got to sit ipoh car although the number plates start with W (kl's plate)... i got to watch night at the museum 2~i got to eat at A&W (you cant find this in JB i assure you) next time drive more carefully k, haha or you would get more scratches on your car)
quoted Derek (touchy-touch):
" Being late to cinema is nothing, what it matters is the person who accompanies you *puke sound*"
the departing gesture (copyrighted from the movie star trek "spock's alien gesture) was dramatic lol~we never thought of becoming actors but we have that kinda genes you see LOL~

Chiat&Louis: we had dinner at AC (we missed the after-dinner brother beer though)
appologise that this time it's kinda rushing for me so we only got to meet for a brief night but i promise a better meeting before i go "far far away singapore"
quoted Louis:
"my name is Bon" with handshake gesture and a grin
quoted me:
"my name is Lee Kah Woon" about the same gestures
*this is an old time joke of PM16 mates
Chiat: driving Julia's sis car, excitedly offered to be my personal driver at a constant time interval
Shan: we got to meet at AC~he does change abit, but the heart is still the same~quoted shan:
"hey,i'm still the same Shan okay~"
we knew it~! deep in side you looks the same :):):)

Kath: i got to watch night at the museum 2 (but at the same time sacrificed the time for cod4)~ recommended her imu friends to us~ (Edward and who else???? oh no still my brain's problem, is time to change this 20 years old brain i think, it's either datas overloaded or virus infected lol)

Wy: reminder for me to get air tickets and everything settled soon,we are going to depart the around the same time to the same country, but different destination good luck to UQ~

Ll: good luck for local U enrollment,get UTM, so no need to go far~!

Mz: motivation for house hunting good luck for applied accounting 1+1degree course

take care friends
thanks for reading~

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