May 21, 2009

project 37

hmm talking about sleeping skills i really need to work on that,have to readjust my biological clock~
well back to the title, project37.. if you are wondering, 37 simply represents the number of posts, and a project is just the way i name it~ anyway it's just my aim for writing up to 37 posts for this month of course the more the merrier but i have to take into consideration of the quality also,not only the quantity, it's hard you see hahaha
project is a serious word, which means i'm serious >___<|| this is lame~

Quote of the day:
"cameras don't capture smell"
coincidence of the day:
wtf ( where's the fun?) life is so unpredictable. talking about coincidence,this is:

i simply typed in project37 and that's what i found.

video of the day:

this is craziness~

Notes of appreciation:

Mom: today's special 'fish tempura' is good. my cooking skill polisher and always give good advice on healthy diet~actually i has less worries about my diet,because she kept most of the worries for me~:) Dinner was great also, noodle soup,package one, well instant mee whateva you call that, it's still home cook so it should be nice~
Note: home cook is termed as a title/rank here~by me of course

Chen: thanks for teaching me the correct posture of concentrating a chi, btw today is the first time i experience the presence of chi, it's incredible ~! my second class.

Ms.N: (i still owed her lotsa homeworks>_<>

Louis: well he raises the lame question from Ms.N and when he handed over my hp to me he said :" this is Bon"
"this is not me." *taking over the hp*
thanks for noticed that i changed my phone too ( wow you changed your phone. this phone is nice ) hehe

Bouchard: he gave me his msn, since today is his last class.. like acting espcially 2 persons dialougue drama, all by him self XD nice to know him ( his msg: really nice to know you, keep in touch....his msg ended with :if any) i have no clue about that, it might be:
" if any problem just call me."
"if anything happen just call me."
"if anyone want my number, just give it to them."
ST: we worked together well as a team, as a new caster to be exact

Ms.Jazz: she planned to use our photos in her company's website, that made us her models..i was regretted that i didn't wear nicely, and having the rojak smell ( i took it at 3.00pm,dad's offered me,claiming that it's popular in pelangi) it's just not right to do the modelling thingy, and luckily,thanks to the limitation of today's technology, cameras don't capture smell.
and that makes the quote for today:D

Derek: still my motivation to blog~ i try to set a goal~ like 20 more posts for this month? haha let's break the record, in my memories i didn't recall any numbers more than 20~ that's sux~
(but this should be the last post of the week, since i'm going to KL during the weekends)
so this is post no.1 under the project 37~!

thanks for supporting~

declaration: up to so far, please be clear that i'm not an Illuminati. yes i like perfect symmetry , yes i like sciences, no i'm not anti-god and i'm a free thinker~:):):)


Anonymous said...

Free-thinker is defined as a person who has their own rationale based on logic which rejects the dogma/norm especially those related to religion. Hence, you are in someway contradicting yourself. Looking at your posts, you did mention that you attended some sort of prayers. That isn't what free-thinkers do as you should have rejected the dogma that the religion/God would bless you. Anyway, I came here while searching in google for 'free-thinker'. By the way, do you believe in the presence of God and He is planning everything in our lives?

- p c b o n - said...

i attended prayers? do you mean a free thinker cant enter a temple/church?
it's like prohibiting a X religion tourist to enter a Y religion temple.
free thinker as in i yet to feel the presence of god and i have my own beliefs too~
but thanks for sharing the defination i somehow feel enlightened..maybe i'll cut down the use of that word.. instead i would use peace lover, to me,it's about the same anyway:)
if you came here by google haha congratz,you had just discovered a nice site lol

now is my question:
since you are searching for free thinker,do you believe in god then?
obtw you sounded like a friend of mine.:)

Anonymous said...

I did not mean forbidding a follower of a religion to enter other religion's temple. There is nothing wrong with that in my opinion, neither is there if a free-thinker decides to visit a temple. By definition, a free-thinker rejects the dogma of religion, hence the presence of God, so what is the point of attending prayers? Is the free-thinker expecting some mystical forces to bless him in disguise after attending a prayer? But if he rejects the presence of such power, then why attend the prayers in the first place? By the way, peace-lover and free-thinker has nothing in common. Peace-lover refers to a person who seeks serenity in mind and physical surroundings, while free-thinker's definition have already been explained earlier.

On your questions, yes I do believe in God and no I doubt we know each other.

- p c b o n - said...

"viewpoint that holds that beliefs should be formed on the basis of science, logic, and reason"
if there're reasons behind to support it ,i'll accept it too~

"Freethought holds that individuals should neither accept nor reject ideas proposed as truth without recourse to knowledge and reason."
that suggest free thinker as a neutral person, not accepting but also not rejecting~

"In Buddhism a type of freethought was advocated by Gautama Buddha, most notably in the Kalama Sutta:"

this suggest even a religion person can be free thinker also~

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