May 24, 2009

project 37(2/20)

since i've started it i should fight till the end, although the end result is unknown~

lesson of the day:
be sure what you are thinking (an extension of the quote be sure what you are doing)

quote of the day:
"the key to happiness is...physical exercise"
Teddy "night at the museum 2"

Notes of appreciation:
project 37: if you wanna multi task, this is where you should start
DD: treat me roti kaya for breakfast, also not forgetting he called me twice in the exam hall (exam haven't started,it draws some attention of course) inspiration of who cares attitude ~

J.B: inspiration for being a committed person~

M.G: thanks for helping me to bind together my test papers neatly and show me my table when i arrived the exam hall

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