May 12, 2009

tests attack~!

wow i skipped yesterday~
tests attack gimme a heart attack~
did i mention that i din have to take any other test this year after my ielts~ well if i did, i was totally WRONG~!
coz i'm sitting for a test held by the eastern advance country's embassy for the qualification of a ''5 years time child-bearing programme'' shooon, to be honest i really looking forward to get through this thingy~and GET it of course~
the examinations included physics and math and chemistry and a langguage test ( which i think i gonna screw the language test, not that i'm being too passimistic ,it's reality, but in the opstimistic point of view it would be: i can leave the exam hall sooner than other PROs do~ which is good , so that i can have more time before i go to somewhere else, only god knows where hehe:P)

quotes of the day:
i'm not young anymore,i'm reading this and the next second i don't know what did i read.
ms.Sz holding an invisible book on her hand

poeple should get their master when they are still young.
ms.Sz ( what a wise quote~! but no offense to people who wanna persue their studies at age of 60 lar just that we have another quote for that which is: 活到老学到老~)

song of the day:

i just bought the game "fallout3" out of the hunger for xbox360 gaming~

notes of appreciation:

myself: ms. S said people tend to get more tired and the memorizing power tends to decrease when you get older, she 's quite true, but that also makes me to ponder about, ain't i still very young? why do i get tired so easily, or maybe when i get older again i'll need to lie on the bed the whole day? anyway thanks for my mind to stay alert for the day~al so thanks for the good timing for quiting the parttime job, it's just nice for me to continue the things i need to do now~

dad: for spending precious time on my further studies stuff~
mom: same as dad, and cook for me of course (just imagine the days that i have to cook for myself , wow i wouldn't have like that in my life :( )

ms.Sz: she reminded me of my bio lecturer in taylor's college somehow~ helpful and not selfish at all~anyway wish her good luck since she's gonna graduated and got her master this coming June~ wow ( i'm 5 years left behind, that's the reason why i'm typing so much now, when i 'm down, i talk too much :P) and she studied business related subject and have certain amount of knowledge in ecomical growth~ so this becomes the reason of why is she reliable and i think i should listen to him about the financial planning for my future studies~ since a bachelor degree is not the end after all~ i still have to plan for my future's future, the time i'm taking my master maybe~ wise advise by her~ and this leaded me to remember of someone else....Mr.B

kinsahi.G: i was driving and she passed by~inspiration of being neat,it's so important lol~ maybe the next time it's not only about light waves and physics it's more towards basic math and calculations :P

Mr.Br: one month earlier when i haven't started all these~ he told me some important points to note. since he had a wide expeireince in both study and working life~ he had been in an advance country in the east for 11 years~ 4 years for studies and 7 years for career over there~ he suggested me to do my bachelor in western country ( australia included here) let's say and then do my master in some other country, that gives me a wide range of workplaces i can choose in the future, and a lot of his friends are doing this right now~ having PR in country X and then move on to country Y he still have opportunities to develope there~ the job switching rate is high, and he said that's very common~ i hope i'll undertand the true meaning behind that soon, because as far as i know job switching means you have to start from ground zero again which is not good,(maybe you won't lose your people networking that's all~)

shoes repairman: i got lotsa shoes for him to repair today~ some shoes were totally worn off because i left there for a long time, and something happened to the glue sticking the bottom part of my shoes~i gave him about 3 shoes and he said i can get them all at 4 o'clock sharp~ i said wow~ 3 shoes in 2 hours time~ you are good~ :P( i wonder how long does it take for me to sew a button on my shirt~~)

8thfloor.G: thanks passing the notes to sis~she is a mixture of helpfulness and cuteness lol

thanks for reading~

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