May 8, 2009


today is another wow wow day~ i feel like the things around me is moving so fast the whole day till now when i can really sit down and relax~ not yet bathe though~ so i keep my posture straight to prevent my sweat to reach my sit~

i realised i have many typo, mostly pronunciation typo~coz when i type i feel like i'm talking,an eg of this would be:

wa then reading high lo low
btw i used to many LOLS in my msn conversations,i'm afraid that i might use it in daily convo too~like :
" hey pcbon~"

secret of the day:
well i got my salary today~ shhhh

song of the day:

wow the second myanmar song in my life~

event of the day:
well i quit my part time job~b'coz i gonna prepare for my further study soon~also spend more time with my family and especially my dad~ he's gonna teach me some kungfu in business world soon~ielts result was out~it's a yesh~

quotes of the day(inspired by CS, when she asked me:" why you think she is cute,i mean the cute is referrence to her personality or her looks?
"),my reply was:
when i think someone is cute, i don't know why

thoughts of the day:
~inspired by Mr.X

Notes of appreciation:

myself: although things are moving fast~ but my mind keeps me cool~
parents:mom cook me nice dinner, dad my inspiration of cool-ness lol~like father like son after all~

993475: thanks for her, i can continue my studies soon~! your tips and the last minutes tests really helps~!
saman guy: thanks for not saman-ing me~

luck: i went to plaza pelangi and bought something there, when i came down,from far away i saw the saman-guy standing in front of my car and starting to key in something on his 'pda-liked thingy'~ wow i got lucky and stopped him in time :
"bang,bang~!wait wait~"
"ini kereta awak?" then walked away~
"yesh~ thankyew thankyew~"

Fad: wanted to share me another secret but ah jie kept on barging in~(well it's good to know less secret you see) but thanks for trusting, she said i'm the only one who knows this~ who knows now she is the only one ~ lol

Elai:he was supprised when i read him the robbery news on the newspaper~he said in myanmar they have no gun~ and robery cases are rare~ even if there are some exceptions~ they use knife~lol

Soemoe:inspiration to be more independent(financially yesh)~ in return i gave him a dvd i bought at cs yesterday which is ong bak2 (did i mention about the sucky ending? yesh that one~) he forgot to say thank you~but who cares, i felt it anyway~i didn't even look at him when i said goodbye~and i started to regret i didn't even shake his hand~(well maybe this can contibute to thanks for inspire me to be more more in farewell next time,i'm just too sucky for that--anyway i was in a rush just now~so that can be excused)

Mr.X: wanted to treat me my favourite bubble milk tea but i refused due to the strict schedule ,to home for a quick dinner~then to sentosa~
977: you are steady today :)

Yuyan: i'm trusted:)told me a secret that i'm not supposed to know~but i'll keep it in my heart~a girl and her bad past~not as bad as other secret i had heard~ but still it's sad you know~anyway this secret (i not that kepoh one XD), i'm not the one who want to listen to it so much~ i help
陈教练: taught me 上步抛剑~骑龙步~回身钉剑~

while we were practicing the 六力拳~
*shake head*
"哇你看顾老板几厉害,还要选拳来打的~ "
he always like to make fun of him~lol
then he turned to me and asked:

那么言下之意就是说我是二师兄啦? thankyew thankyewhehehehehe (just ignore my perasan-ness)

Derek: lol thanks~ i just saw my name on his blog~ urging me to play guitar for him i supposed lol~ i try my best~! that day i was tempted to buy japanese drama 'triangle' also~ thanks to his recommendation~ but i finnish spending money on other stuff~ if i bought the ori-DVD it would caused me to be stuck in CS coz i would have not enough money to pay for the parking so i didn't buy~lol~ (cs parking fees is so troublesome~)

CS: she offered her help to help me in some basic math stuff~ lol~and willing to 抽空teman me go skudai parade~thankyew thankyew~ my daily reminder of getting my w705 and treating her since she helped me to go to another far far away shop to ask for w705's price~this is how we discuss about the HP matter:

"lol,go skudai parade,then u help me to bargain with the hp shop there~"
"lol when u want to bring me go skudai parade?and the hp shop ppl is guys or girls?if girls,then u sendiri bargain more efficient,haha"
see we use alot of lols,almost for every sentence~and we talked about efficiencyXD



thanks for reading~


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congratz on ielts

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