Jun 2, 2009

2 more karaoke this year~!!!

mic test one, two,three, mic test one two three.
ah hmm..
yes. today i went singing with my sing song gang. it was fine, but i wonder when can we do it again? got addicted? well, no. Just had not enough. My singing-K cells were triggered, it's just not enough..
well kinda missing my subang-sing-song gang too. Both gangs are equally bad at singing but that's where the fun starts to emerge. hehe just kidding.some of you can really sing~!anyway parking was rm8. a little bit of kiamsiap-ness you noticed hidden inside me,but i need money$$$ anyone who heard this, give me money$$$$$ could ask me for my bank account number in private.hehe.

back to the question, is this the last K (karaoke) this year? maybe this four years?
no don't imagine.stop the bad vitualisation.
it shouldn't be.i need two more~!!!

Mr.Derek yamato~to> you heard me???? hehehehehe good luck for finals~

quotes of the day:
i heard this from an experienced business man few months back, you gotta believe what he said:

quoted Mr.C

quoted B.L.

Notes of appreciation:

Jl: sing k+ cod4+ cs
Kj:i noticed his warm smile:D
Ky:i noticed his warm heart:D accompanied me to idp to get some stuff.
Wh:i noticed his warm mind:D he played a game of Dota then went to SG.aww i was so in hope that everyone could play eithe cod4 or l4d just now.but no sign of excitement shown.
Zm:i noticed his warm stomach:D ( he ate before he came meeting us)
MsSz: she is kinda cool, asked me to get a nice place,when she overheard my convo with Jiale on the phone(booking cc's sits)..well application process has been smooth because of her.but i some how think that her humour needed to be polished as hard as me.not funny at all. but still deep inside you feel appreciation because she said that.

thanks for reading.

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