Jun 16, 2009


might be going to KL on the coming Thursday,please don't igonore this if you are one the following combinations: D C S K (do come see keith?) *keith is the special name for Kwai in THAT occasion ONLY. that refers to Ms.Ng naming syndrome.

Quote of the day:

reality is imagination.

Notes of appreciation:
Ms.E:thanks for concern about me going Mlebourne,i'll bring a mask there,don't worry.ha
Ms.Be.Gr: thanks for updating me with room3006,being very polite although i rejected the offer at college square.
Mr.Tan: for telling me about cancer and the awarness about the importance of english.Hmmm Malaysian should really work harder in this language in order to be able to compete with other country.Learn English fast~!one more thing about the 'piggy red alert' raised public attention in Melbourne.oh what a reminder.

Zhiqiang: telling me a secret way to score well in bowling other than PRACTICE which we already know the phrase of practice makes perfect.The secret now reveals: see the 7 points on the lane, go hit between the third and forth points with a straight ball.and the rest just leave it to magic.Anyway his highest score is 120,but accodrding to him, the one who taught him this technique can score about 180 to 190.Hmmmm barkeep help me prisssss~!
Bowling-does not mean using a bowl and play with it =.=~literally it's BALL~y-ing

B.J+W.H: thanks for the nice chat about psycology~(dcsi)+shopping with me

Yuyan+Qiyue: ha nice mate+played 'jing gu bang' with me =.= don't ask what is that~ you suppose to know if you are the same generation as i'm ( old but childish generation)~luckily i was not old enough till i forget how to play those childhoood games.yea they enjoyed it,but not me.
Kid: thanks for inviting me to play ps2 at your house,although the intention is to pawn me at KOF03,but i somehow feel like i'm back to my childhood again.ha
coach.Tan:for the teaching of 'chu1 ru4 bu4 shang4'
coach.Huizhong: ouch nearly broke my 'jing1' during the 'la1 jing1' session~ ha but big thanks to that,i want it to be broken anyway.
Uncle:informing me there is branch in sydney,and showed me the photo taken in sydney, kept mentioning a 'ang mo' named roger,praised about how good he is at martial art.

reality is imagination~
when you don't know what on earth you are see-ing:the reality is it is real,but it seems so unreal as an imagination.the next word that you might say : what the hell is happening here.

thanks for reading.

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