Jun 1, 2009


yoyo ~after project 37 here comes my new task, it's a big decision, guess what it's something to do with the number '6' so i call it the De6sion.

Happy B'day to: Siang

Notes of appreciation:
Family: thanks^3 for all your supports and teachings.
Aunt Yoong: concern+ concern + concern, thanks a lot
Angel: spending time looking for my accommodation although she is busy, take care^3 sis~!
B.L: shared his blog with me, and concern about my flight-tension-syndrome (at least not as worse as Chiaki-senpai in Nodame Cantabile).
Aunt Tin+family: concern about my further studies that makes me feel i'm not lonely at all making the De6sion.thanks for all the calls+ helps(you have students live in Melbourne yea)+comments(twinning is really worth it,if that leads you to the uni you desire)+suggestions (nottingham just doesn't suit me). oya thanks for the 100plus hehe
cousins: some played piano with me,some playing computer games,some said goodbye to me (reluctantly,but at least i'm the only one he waved good bye to,super proud of my 小孩缘hehe)

sharing: thanks for reading and's either i didn't realize or i never knew you well enough. i some how feel you are more mature now :)
Sf: yes i should start applying for the accommodation now.take care.

yoyo girl: impressed by you. you never changed at all. it's been 8 years.

thanks for reading.


sharing said...

another word for mature is old thinking..
Unfortunately,I still hav many need 2learn from u..
good luck:)

- p c b o n - said...


sharing said...


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