Jun 8, 2009


Yo~! if you wonder why someone likes final fantasy x or got addicted playing it, is it really because they enjoy playing it or is it something else that matters. well if you ask me, i would say the characters inside the games are all so cool, and this is an example:
Lulu? not the 'lock lock' tupperware, not the 'lok lok' you found at the road side,also not the lokeloke you found in monash~yup with the double Ls it sounds so not cool (lol) like the song lu la la lu la la lu la lu la le~obviously things with more than one L would become so not likeable than if there's only one, therefore the reason of naming the character in deathnote with single letter 'L' is a wise choice..making it so popular
hmmmm..maybe here is an exception:

Movie of the week:

comedy(watch with friends)+family(obviously you can watch this with your family)+romance(watchi it with your one and only)~inspiring +something to do with time machine.
video will do all the talking today~
quote of the day:
say the right thing at the right time.泡菜

tell me everything will be all right
~ quoted lulu

spoiler:a headmistress, a geek, a basketball and a reunion :P lol~~

Notes of appreciation:

Dd:inspiration of today's quote
Mm: i'm now pro in dish washing ~:P my ~~~ hands~~~ are~~~ OLD~~~~ now~ hehe

thanks for the Bryan's b'day outing + bowling outing, it was great~!
my bowling skills is still about the same: with a max of 100+ points per round. what~?! for those who doesn't know the rules, it's out of 300~ that means i got like 1/3 or 33.33% what??!!!
33.33 is that kinda like a math joke here~ 3 is the magic number~ yes it is ~~~Not~ 0.o~~

B.L:~ 17again was great~!
Ps: good luck for finals and to Clayton~


ley said...

lolz. i tot kx is featured on yr blog...

- p c b o n - said...

that's loo loo~ btw welcome back:D

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