Jun 4, 2009

More water please~!

I feel that something is wrong with me the whole day, something was just not right.But i don't really know what is that. Until just now. I went to the kitchen and took a cup, but what did i take the cup for? only then i realized i haven't been drinking for the whole day.

Quote of the day:

how how how how how is the question, not why why why why why.

“有些公司请人不是看qualification 的,他们看名字长的就请,讲的是kulit-fication.”

quoted unknown speaker.
i start to wonder is it some kind of Malaysian joke?

Coincidence of the day:
meeting Kj and Ky by coincidence in a shocking way:
i was late to class, was surprised to see an increased number of students in the class.
"ei?" when i saw Lau's Brother. They were liked: Ky*thinking look* Kj*smiling*
i smiled back and entered the class.
Ms.N: "are you sure you are in the right class?"
pc: yes * obviously at the right place if not at the right class*

Notes of appreciation:
Dd:provide me a nice future home and experience.
Mm: provide me food and thoughts.
Mr.T:provide me 'chi'
Mrs.C ( for carrom):provide me rules of playing carrom. just discovered that carrom is actually an international game,everyone plays it~we have filipino carrom,australian carrom,american carrom etc.. it's just nice to know because i thought it's a local game.karom you know.

Ms.N:we were like talking about predictions for what would happen in the next 50 years time. it was fun. we had ideas like flying cars,no more usage of cash,credit card future, microchips injected into each individual providing personal details,and indentity as a card holder.and we had like every house has one helicopter,and cat-looked doraemon robots in the future,with pockets infront and no ears. LOL.ohh maybe i was the only one laughing,well.
Kj: he discovered in cs there's "old town white coffee" what a 'wow' i never been there also although i go to cs like at least twice per week. if you are wondering, it's on the third floor, i doubt that it's very strategically located.anyway happy treasure hunting~!
Ky:he leaded us to a "biohazard" looking place, it was made people shivered,because they are too afraid of being bitten by snakes,this will happen only for non-believers of ghost.=_=
this reminded me that i saw "jangan pandang belakang" on the now showing list, but isn't this movie a very old one? what? what? how how? i din't see a "2" so this should not be a sequel, maybe it's "jangan pandan belakang" but either way, i'm not going to watch it.
*flying ghost above the moving car* that is significant.
:( dissapointed by local movies. two months ago i was so excited to wait for "近打" but now i hoped that i had never watched it. it's a failure.why why how how how~
and just now" the mist" wasn't pleasant looking also.another why why how how how.what a failure.even goosebumps series is better.looking forward for another horror film like "28 weeks later", "i'm legend", "the hills have eyes 2","jeeper creepers2" hmm.

Louis: i met him at the bank. looking rush,but still say hi, and bye an second hyper man~i mean

special thanks to B.L. he impressed me somehow. this world is big~the emails are educating.i'll study them carefully tomorrow.

thanks for reading.

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