Jun 18, 2009


despite unable to access to blogger,layyen wanted to publish a blog post. she tried sending me emails,but something happened and the email didn't reach me, feel sorry for this lost. ha anyway thanks~
quote of the day:

nothing will happen until you ask,and you won't get hurt either way.
keep moving forward louis(meet the robinson)

Notes of appreciation:
Mr.chen: provided me 3 'chi' steps
Xl: thanks for telling me the disease outbreak thingy,i only got to read the newspaper when i was free ,which by the time it's already night time.
Amanda: took the initiative to talk to me. *on my headphones* "~anda" "i'm Bon" i was like "what's your name again.".later i found out she was graduated at taylor's too, good job senior (she called me juniour first) and good luck.
louis: reminder for me today is my last class.
Ms.N: reminder for me i was too early to class today.thanks for permitting me to join the classes for the next few weeks although my card had expired. " just come for the class before you go for your studies.of course ngah normally we don't allow this kinda exception,but yes we allow you to come." thankyewww~
Mississippi(ha cant get it right) ,she is the longest river in the US. Defination of Poultry-animals with two legs,and you can eat them~! well when i said kiwi she said NO~! not for the peacock too~!!
inspiration to be a good listener.
Ky: being a clerk today when ask about "could he be a teamworker" "yes i play golf" "excuse me but golf is a solo game" good try-qouted ms.N
Kj: being the rubbish collector of the day.talking about survival, the reality tv programme, we're curious about how can this OCD (Obsessive–compulsive disorder) stand if there's a rubbish mountain on the isolated island.would he get distracted and cant concentrate for the rest of the competition? that's the question.

environmentalist: ok i'll make him (Kj) win~

Benten: being the brick chopper, when asked about " what would you do with the money if you win the competition." he answered :" i would buy many bricks and start chopping them for the rest of my life" -modified by pcbon,the original meaning remained. question raised:" it's the rest of your life or your grandson's"

Dav: thanks for replying my email although he is busy.10 per eat out and 5 per homecook,got it~! you know under two circumstances i'll do homecook food, 1) i'm on a budget 2) i'm missing some homecook taste ~~~~~3)there's noone around to cook for me
Wc+Wh(not any kinda antibiotic that you know): good luck for exams~Wc-27th test finish 1stJul Muar outing. no i'm not going it's too far,bad boy~!

thanks for reading.when we need some answers,just ask~! quoted Ms.N " he won't eat you~!"

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see the latest news online if u free.bad news(21Jun09)again..

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u will alwaz being protected.Blessing.

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