Jun 6, 2009

sotong leg


quote of the day:


Notes of appreciation:

Mr.S: thanks for house renovation.and brought us to Austin Perdana(first time here)!.
Frankie: his handshake grab is hard.and the palm reading. i wonder i believe this kinda things. palm reading,fortune telling,numerology. is there something to do with able to palm read and a hard handshaking grab? maybe he is trying to squeeze my hand and let my 'life line' to contract. just kidding:P
Tiger: look more neat with the new haircut and a smile on his face.a tamer tiger this time.
B.L: shared his third long long email with me.
Mr.FG(five gold): explained to us how using 4mm of wire will increase efficiency of the electric system. he used ohm's law, and v=ir ; p=vi in his make it more interesting of course.hehe . Georg Ohm
Saman.B: thanks for no saman-ing. we said we'd come back in 5 minutes ended up stuck in a long chat and took about half an hour before we started our car again.

Uncle.L: thanks for calling and concerns.
Mr.HZ: gave me some suffering of pain. both leg and back. motivation to stretch my leg more often. because the whole thing is 硬邦邦. hope to make it sotong liked. please don't think about food. we are talking about human leg's flexibility here.
yuyan: congratz me that i'm going to leave them alone. so no more big gor gor asking them their secret about female classmates at school.^_^||
Mr.Chen: guidance for 小罗汉。inspiration of 德. 习武的最高境界。(read it from some where else in Permas Jaya)

thanks for reading.

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